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How to Play ISO, New Agent Guide in Valorant

ISO Tips & Tricks Valo – With the introduction of Episode 7 Act 3 in Valorant, a new Agent has made their debut in Riot Games’ massively popular FPS. Meet Li Zhao Yu, alias ISO, the game’s 24th Agent and 7th Duelist, who brings a unique and highly self-sufficient kit to the table, making them a formidable entry fragger. In this article, we’ll dive into each of Iso’s abilities, understanding how to use them effectively to maximize your impact in Valorant EP7 Act 3!

Valorant Iso Abilities Overview

Before we explore how to make the most of each of Iso’s prismatic abilities, let’s first get a clear understanding of how each of them works. Here’s a comprehensive overview of all of Iso’s skills and what they offer to your team in Valorant:

1 | Signature (‘E’) Ability – Double Tap

  • How to Use Iso E Ability in Valorant - Step 1
  • How to Use Iso E Ability in Valorant - Step 2
  • How to Use Iso E Ability in Valorant - Step 3
  • Cost: 1 Free + 150 Creds
  • Iso’s signature ability initiates a 1.2-second focus timer, similar to Jett’s pre-dash timer. Upon timer completion, Iso enters a 15-second flow state. During this time, downed enemies he kills or damages generate an energy orb. Shooting this orb grants him a shield, which absorbs a single instance of damage from any source.

2 | ‘C’ Ability – Contingency

  • How to Use Iso C Ability in Valorant - Step 1
  • How to Use Iso C Ability in Valorant - Step 2
  • How to Use Iso C Ability in Valorant - Step 3
  • Cost: 250 Creds
  • Iso’s ‘C’ ability summons an indestructible wall of energy that advances in a straight line when fired. This wall behaves like a moving barricade (similar to Harbor’s moving wall) that doesn’t allow bullets to pass through. It dissipates once it completes its 4.6-second motion.

3 | ‘Q’ Ability – Undercut

How to Use Iso Q Ability in Valorant

  • Cost: 200 Creds
  • Iso’s ‘Q’ ability equips and fires a “molecular bolt” that penetrates solid objects and walls, applying the Fragile debuff for 4 seconds to any player it touches. This ability’s movement and radius are similar to Omen’s Paranoia blinding ability.

4 | Ultimate (‘X’) Ability – Kill Contract

How to Use Iso Ultimate Ability in Valorant

  • Cost: 7 Ultimate Points
  • Iso’s Ultimate ability equips an interdimensional arena. Firing it hurls a column of energy across the battlefield. When this ability hits an enemy (or a Yoru decoy, for a touch of humor), it pulls both players into the arena, where they engage in a 1v1 battle to the death. In this space, neither player can use their abilities.

How to Play Iso in Valorant – Tips & Tricks for Each Ability

Iso is a Duelist with a high skill ceiling, and his effectiveness largely depends on your aim and game sense. While he boasts a versatile and self-sustaining set of abilities, true mastery comes when you’re part of a well-coordinated team. Now that you’re familiar with his abilities, here are valuable tips and strategies to remember when playing Iso in Valorant:

#1. Double Tap (‘E’ Shield Ability)

  • This ability can be a double-edged sword, depending on the situation. You’ll need to be a quick judge of whether it’s safe to go for the orb mid-fight.
  • Aiming for the orb right after a kill or an assist can disrupt your crosshair placement and leave you vulnerable to a peeking enemy.
  • But once you secure that orb, it becomes one of the best lifesaving abilities in the game, capable of absorbing damage from an Operator shot or negating powerful enemy ultimates like Raze’s Showstopper.

#2. Contingency (‘C’ Wall Ability)

Iso’s moving wall is a powerful tool, but it requires careful planning with your team to make the most of it. Without a well-thought-out strategy, it can go to waste. The wall can be thrown through walls, allowing you to support your teammates even when you lack a direct line of sight. Here are some scenarios to consider:

  • In retake situations, use it to create space for your teammates to advance into a site safely.
  • When the spike has been planted with an enemy covering it from a far-off angle, send the wall forward into their face to allow you or a teammate to start defusing safely.
  • At the start of a round, use the wall to block commonly peeked angles, forcing a potential Oper to fall back.

#3. Undercut (‘Q’ Weakening Ability)

  • When using this ability, be mindful of your target location’s elevation; don’t waste it by firing it off into the ground!
  • Look for opportunities to combo it with your wall ability when pushing into a site. By doing this, you make it nearly impossible for enemies to dodge the debuff.
  • Since its trajectory is akin to Omen’s blind, you can use it in similar ways and spots to set up kills for your teammates.

#4. Kill Contract (‘X’ 1v1 Ultimate)

Iso’s Ultimate ability is a unique addition to Valorant, and it can be a game-changer if used strategically. Here are some scenarios that come to mind:

  • As an Attacker in a post-plant scenario, use Kill Contract to pull the defuser into the other dimension. This allows you to stall for time and secure the round for your team.
  • When your health is low, activate the ultimate as soon as you know of an enemy’s confirmed location to engage in a fair 1v1 with 150 HP instead of a disadvantageous fight.
  • You can also use the ult through walls to pull an enemy who’s playing lineups, giving your team ample time to defuse.

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