Does Enshrouded Have Co-op Multiplayer?


Picture of a player sitting by a campfire in Enshrouded, the new survival RPG by Keen Games.

The highly anticipated Early Access launch of Keen Games’ Enshrouded is just around the corner, promising a thrilling experience for fans of the survival-crafting-RPG genre. As excitement builds, one burning question on many minds is whether Enshrouded features a co-op multiplayer mode.

Fear not, as I’ve delved into the available data to provide answers to all your queries!

Is Enshrouded Co-op?

A screenshot of two players posing on a defeated dragon-like creature in Enshrouded.

Yes, indeed! While you have the option to play Enshrouded solo and offline, the game is explicitly designed to shine in co-op as an online multiplayer experience. You can team up with up to fifteen other players to dive into the depths of this new “survival crafting action RPG” together!

The developers have emphasized this aspect in the game’s FAQ page, going as far as strongly encouraging players “to grab a friend or three before setting out into the fog. It is just more fun.”

“We have specifically made a game that can be played alone, but truly shines when played with friends.”

Keen Games

As for server hosting, the developers seem to be following a path similar to that of other games in the genre, such as Minecraft and Rust. You’ll be able to host your private server for friends or op to rent a dedicated server from a service provider.

It’s important to note that if you, as the server host, leave the game in the former option, your friends will also be disconnected, while this won’t be the case in the latter.

Community servers, hosted by KeenGames themselves, will also likely be a thing.

Enshrouded is set to launch on Steam Early Access on January 24, 2024.

Stay tuned to GamerHaul for the latest updates and guides on this new co-op survival/RPG experience as we closely follow the journey of Enshrouded!

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