Does Enshrouded Have Procedurally Generated Maps?


A screenshot of player deploying a glider to traverse the map in Enshrouded.

Excitement is building as the early access release of Keen Games’ upcoming survival RPG, Enshrouded, is just around the corner. For those eagerly awaiting this new online survival experience, the question on many minds is: will the game feature procedurally generated maps, akin to the recently-released LEGO Fortnite, or opt for a static, pre-built world typical of most RPGs?

Well, the answer is here to put any doubts to rest!

Does Enshrouded Have a Procedurally Generated World?

No, it has officially been confirmed that Enshrouded will not have a procedurally generated map. The developers made a conscious decision to create a pre-built world, citing that the game boasts a “highly detailed voxel-based world” with a “strong emphasis on story and exploration.”

In a Steam Discussions topic from October 2023, a developer (who goes by “Toast”) explained the rationale behind this decision:

“This wasn’t done out of laziness or because procedural generation would be too hard, but rather that procedural generated worlds inherently come with a pretty strong lack of structure. They will always inherently be less detailed and coherent than a hand-built world, which would have made it pretty much impossible to actually achieve a level of storytelling and world-building that we wanted to do with our game.”

While some games have successfully implemented procedural generation, such as Minecraft, No Man’s Sky, and the recent LEGO Fortnite, it’s crucial to acknowledge the potential downsides. The randomness can lead to disappointingly barren landscapes, as seen in Starfield, which uses procedural generation for its planets.

In my personal opinion, the decision not to adopt this system in Enshrouded is a good thing. It allows players to experience the game as intended by the developers, steering clear of the unpredictability associated with procedural generation.

Enshrouded is scheduled to launch on Steam Early Access on January 24, 2024.

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