Does Enshrouded Run on Unreal Engine 5?


Screenshot showcasing landscapes of Enshrouded which runs on a voxel engine.

Enshrouded, the much-anticipated upcoming title from Keen Games, is creating quite a stir in the survival gaming community, and rightfully so. For fans of the genre, myself included, it appears to hold significant promise—more so than recent releases in the survival crafting realm.

As we eagerly anticipate its Steam Early Access launch on January 24, there’s a natural influx of questions. If you’re curious whether Enshrouded harnesses the power of the latest and highly acclaimed Unreal Engine 5, let’s delve into what you need to know!

Is Enshrouded a UE5 Game?

Screenshot showcasing the benefits of having a voxel-based game engine like in Enshrouded compared to popular choices like Unreal Engine 5.

No, Enshrouded does not run on Unreal Engine 5. Instead, it operates on Keen Games’ proprietary voxel engine, purposefully designed and developed to construct the immersive world of Enshrouded. The developers have confirmed this information through various videos and the game’s FAQ page.

“It was important for us that players can theoretically change every voxel in the game to be able to build the most impressive constructions one can imagine.”

Keen Games

For those not deep into the technicalities, here’s the gist: voxels, short for volumetric pixels, are essentially 3D pixels. In contrast to polygon-based engines (like Unreal Engine), which render objects using lots and lots of triangles (aka polygons), voxels give objects and terrain volume rather than being hollow from the inside.

So, what does this mean for players? Well, exactly what the developers promised – complete creative freedom. Enshrouded’s voxel engine allows players to shape the world, build structures, and level terrains to their heart’s content!

Enshrouded is ready to make its debut on Steam Early Access on January 24, 2024.

For the latest updates and guides on this co-op survival/RPG experience from Keen Games, keep your eyes on GamerHaul as we closely follow the journey of Enshrouded!

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