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Dry Steppes Events Locations Map Diablo 4 (D4)

In this article, we’re going to explore all the World Event locations in the Dry Steppes region of Diablo 4. By the end of this read, and with the help of our map, you’ll have a clear idea of which places to visit and the best route to catch the exciting events happening in Dry Steppes!

These events take place in arenas packed with plenty of enemies to defeat, giving you an excellent opportunity to earn loads of XP and grab awesome loot. Some of the loot includes the event-exclusive currency, Murmuring Obols, and during Helltide Events, you can get a substantial number of Aberrant Cinders. The latter is especially valuable, as without hopping from event to event, it is impossible to farm enough Aberrant Cinders to open multiple high-value chests for the Helltide’s 60-minute duration!

To make the most out of your Helltide grind and farm Aberrant Cinders and Murmuring Obols efficiently, knowing the exact map locations of these World Events is crucial! So, without further ado, here are all the Event locations in the Dry Steppes Helltide zone:

Dry Steppes World Event Locations D4

World Event Locations Map of Dry Steppes Helltide Zone in Diablo 4 (D4)

  • Start by fast traveling to the Jirandai waypoint in Dry Steppes. From there, head northwest to reach the first event location.
  • Once you’ve completed the first event, head northeast into the narrow path to get to the second event location.
  • For the third event location, ride northeast from where you completed the second event.
  • Next, head northwest from the third event location to reach the fourth event location.
    • You can keep rotating between these four event locations to optimize event farming in the Dry Steppes. Fast travel back to the Jirandai waypoint and start over from #1!
  • Now, fast travel to the Onyx Watchtower waypoint and travel southwest to reach the fifth event location.
  • The sixth and the seventh locations are closest to the Fate’s Retreat waypoint. Fast travel there and head northwest to get to the sixth event location.
  • Finally, for the seventh and final event location in Dry Steppes, ride northeast from where you completed the sixth event!

What is an Event in Diablo 4?

In Diablo 4, “Event” primarily refers to “World Events” that pop up throughout the map from time to time. These events have specific objectives (displayed below the minimap), which you must complete to earn rewards. Additionally, there’s a secondary “Mastery” objective that you can accomplish within a set timeframe for even better rewards!

While these events are not initially visible on your map, you can spot them when you get close. They appear as Orange Circles on both your minimap and main map. To start an event, you usually need to interact with an object or an enemy at the center of the circle.

Event Mastery Objective in Diablo 4 (D4)

Event Rewards

Completing an event comes with various rewards. Firstly, you’ll earn XP and loot from defeating mobs, Elite, and Boss enemies during the event. On completion, an Event Chest spawns, granting loot based on the event’s difficulty and the World Tier you completed it in. Besides Rare and Legendary loot, these treasure chests reward you with Murmuring Obols, a special currency required for claiming items from the Purveyor of Curiosities vendor.

During Helltide Events, these Event Chests become crucial because they also provide Aberrant Cinders. These cinders are then used to unlock valuable gear-specific Helltide Chests and the Mystery Chests, which cost 250 Cinders each. So, if you want to open multiple chests during a Helltide event, you must actively participate in events – as simply eliminating mobs in the Helltide Zone won’t suffice!

World Event Chest Rewards in Diablo 4 (D4)

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