Helldivers 2: Best Way to Beat Automaton Tanks

Helldivers 2

Annihilator Tanks and Shredder Tanks, the formidable armored units of the Automaton faction in Helldivers 2, pose a significant threat on the battlefield. Underestimating these behemoths can quickly lead to your demise under their relentless barrage of firepower!

If you’re struggling with this specific enemy type, here’s a comprehensive guide on how to effectively counter Automaton tanks and swiftly neutralize them in Helldivers 2.

How to Beat Automaton Tanks in Helldivers 2

An exploding Automaton Tank, resulting from a Stratagem deployment in Helldivers 2.

As mentioned above, the Automaton faction has two types of tanks at its disposal: the Annihilator Tank and the Shredder Tank. And, like other tank foes in Helldivers 2, they may appear sluggish and slow to maneuver, but taking them lightly and allowing their cannons (or turrets) to lock on you will almost certainly result in game over for you and your team!

The first and most straightforward option to deal with these tanks is to use a Stratagem to deliver significant damage to their armor, or to one-shot them effectively. The Orbital Railcannon Strike is a fantastic pick and one of the best Stratagems to bring into an Automaton world because it can quickly take out both Automaton Tank variants before they become a problem!

Should your Stratagems be on cooldown, you still have two alternative options at your disposal. First, use your mobility to reposition behind the tank’s mounted turret and lay down gunfire or lob a few grenades at its heatsink. This strategy is particularly effective when coordinated with a team rather than playing solo—as teammates can divert the tank’s attention while you flank it.

Image pointing out the heatsink weak point of an Automaton Annihilator Tank in Helldivers 2.

Alternatively, you can make use of heavy armor penetration weapons to breach the tank’s armor with precise shots directly into its hull. For instance, the Railgun, a top-tier Support weapon, typically requires around ten well-placed shots to dispatch any Automaton tank!

Armed with these strategies, you’re equipped to effectively tackle Automaton Tank enemies and lead your team to victory in Helldivers 2!

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