Lyleen Noct Weakness in Palworld


An Alpha Lyleen Noct boss in Palworld

Alpha Lyleen Noct is a tough level 49 world boss lurking within the Iceberg Mineshaft, located in the Astral Mountains region of Palworld. As the Dark-type counterpart of Lyleen, the Grass-type pal encountered in the ‘Lily & Lyleen’ Tower Boss fight, defeating this formidable foe demands careful planning and strategy. So, here’s everything you need to know about Lyleen Noct’s weaknesses, the best pals to counter it, and tips on defeating it in Palworld!

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What is Lyleen Noct’s Weakness in Palworld?

Screenshot showcasing Lyleen Noct pal's stats and skills in the Paldeck of Palworld.

Lyleen Noct, as a Dark-type Pal, is inherently more vulnerable to Dragon-type attacks. This means that Dragon-element Pals can deal more damage to Lyleen Noct, giving you a significant advantage in the fight. However, relying solely on elemental advantages will not suffice!

This Alpha version of Lyleen Noct is a level 49 endgame boss, so your character and Pals must be at their peak strength, too. I recommend that you reach at least level 45 with both your character and primary combat Pals before engaging with this boss. If you’re still having trouble, consider using the Statue of Power and Pal Essence Condenser to make your pals more powerful.

List of Pals Strong Against Lyleen Noct

Here’s a breakdown of the top Dragon-type Pals, in order of their Base ATK stat, whose attacks will prove ‘highly effective’ against Lyleen Noct:

Paldeck NumberNameBase Attack
#101BJormuntide Ignis130
#85BRelaxaurus Lux110

As you level these pals up to 50, you’ll be able to unlock and equip a combination of powerful Dragon-type Active Skills on them (like Draconic Breath and Dragon Burst), which deal additional damage to a Dark-type Pal like Lyleen Noct. Additionally, these Dragon Pals can also resist and tank Dark-type attacks, allowing them to last longer in combat against the boss before needing to be switched out!

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