Frostallion Weakness in Palworld


In-game screenshot of Frostallion, a flying boss pal in Palworld.

Frostallion, a Legendary Ice-type Pal in Palworld, not only reigns as the top choice for its element but also serves as a majestic and swift flying mount. However, obtaining one for your party involves beating a tough challenge – defeating and capturing the Level 50 Alpha Frostallion lurking in the Astral Mountains. Here’s everything you need to know about Frostallion’s weaknesses, the best pals to counter it, and tips on defeating it in Palworld!

What is Frostallion’s Weakness in Palworld?

As an Ice-type Pal, Frostallion is naturally vulnerable to Fire-type attacks. So, to effectively take down this Legendary boss without going down yourself, you’ll need to first assemble a team of Palworld’s S-tier Fire-element pals! However, simply having the right elemental match-up might not be enough; your character and chosen pals need to be strong, too! I recommend aiming for a minimum level of 45 for yourself and your main pals before taking on the Level 50 Frostallion. If you’re still having trouble, consider using the Statue of Power and Pal Essence Condenser to make your pals more powerful.

List of Pals Strong Against Frostallion

Here’s a breakdown of Palworld’s top Ice-type Pals, in order of their Base ATK stat, whose attacks will prove ‘highly effective’ against Frostallion:

Paldeck NumberNameBase Attack
#101BJormuntide Ignis130
#84BBlazehowl Noct115

Each of these Pals boasts multiple Fire-type Active Skills, such as Ignis Blast, Ignis Breath, and Flare Arrow. Not only do these abilities deal additional damage to Ice-type Pals like Frostallion, but they also inflict the ‘burn’ effect, which causes additional damage over time. These Pals are also more resistant to and can sometimes tank Frostallion’s Ice attacks, which gives them a significant advantage in battle!

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