Jetragon Weakness in Palworld


Jetragon is the ultimate endgame pal in Palworld, prized not only for its incredible speed as a flying Pal but also for being the game’s top Dragon-type Pal. And the only way to recruit this powerhouse into your party is to defeat and successfully capture the Alpha Jetragon boss at Mount Obsidian—a daunting challenge in its own right. Here’s everything you need to know about Jetragon’s weaknesses, the best pals to counter it, and tips on defeating it in Palworld!

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What is Jetragon’s Weakness in Palworld?

A flying Alpha Jetragon boss in Palworld

Jetragon is a Dragon-type Pal, which makes it vulnerable to Ice-type attacks. So, to effectively take down this Legendary boss without going down yourself, you’ll need to first assemble a team of Palworld’s S-tier Ice-element pals! However, simply having the right elemental match-up won’t cut it; your character and chosen pals need to be strong, too! I recommend aiming for a minimum level of 45 for yourself and your main pals before taking on a Jetragon. If you’re still having trouble, consider using the Statue of Power and Pal Essence Condenser to make your pals more powerful.

List of Pals Strong vs. Jetragon

Here’s a breakdown of Palworld’s top Ice-type Pals, in order of their Base ATK stat, whose attacks will prove ‘highly effective’ against Jetragon:

Paldeck NumberNameBase Attack
#71BVanwyrm Cryst120
#88BIce Reptyro105
#90BMammorest Cryst85

Once sufficiently leveled up, these Pals can equip powerful Ice-type attacks, like Cryst Breath and Blizzard Spike. Not only will these attacks deal additional damage to the boss, but these Pals can also resist and sometimes tank incoming damage from a Dragon Pal like Jetragon!

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