All Hogwarts Legacy Demiguise Statue Locations in Hogsmeade With Map

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Hogsmeade Village and Demiguise Moon in Hogwarts Legacy

Aside from the 150 total story and side quests, Hogwarts Legacy also has its fair share of puzzles, riddles, collectibles, treasure chests, dungeons, and more! Some mysteries are revealed in the earliest parts of the game, while others – such as the ones involving the Demiguise Statues – you learn about after reaching a particular point in the game’s storyline.

Locating these Demiguise Statues and collecting the Demiguise Moons they carry is essential if you wish to level up your Alohomora spell to pick higher-level locks that may hide valuable treasure. There are 30 such statues spread over the map, and because you’ll need 22 of them to max out your unlocking charm, it’s best to start hunting as soon as possible. This guide will assist you in locating every Demiguise Statue in the all-wizarding village of Hogsmeade!

Demiguise Statue on top of a table in Hogsmeade in Hogwarts Legacy

All Hogsmeade Demiguise Statue Locations in Hogwarts Legacy

There are nine Demiguise Statues in Hogsmeade, some in the open, some behind Level 1 doors, and two sealed behind Level 2 doors. To begin the lockpicking mini-game, you must cast the appropriate level of Alohomora on the locks. So, if you haven’t unlocked the second level of your unlocking charm, you must first complete the first part of the ‘The Man Behind the Moons’ side quest by delivering 9 Demiguise Moons to Mr. Gladwin Moon at the Faculty Tower in Hogwarts.

Here is a list of all the Demiguise Moons that you can find in Hogsmeade, along with a map to aid you in your search:

  1. Dervish and Banges: Part of Gladrags Wizardwear store in Hogsmeade Square
  2. Hog’s Head Storeroom: Room behind the bartender.
  3. House Beside J. Pippin’s Potions: Level two lock; take the stairs after entering.
  4. North-east Hogsmeade House: House on the border of Hogsmeade.
  5. Opposite Bingle and Blatch: Near the South Floo Flame.
  6. Northmost House: Next to Brood and Peck.
  7. South Hogsmeade House: Level 2 lock; take the first left past Tomes and Scrolls.
  8. Three Broomsticks Attic: Top floor room with level one lock.
  9. Tomes and Scrolls: In the room behind the shopkeeper

Casting Revelio reveals the statues through walls, along with any locks on doors. So, as long as you follow the above map, you shouldn’t have too much trouble locating all nine Demiguise Statues and collecting those Demiguise Moons in a village as small as Hogsmeade. Class dismissed!

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Hogwarts Legacy is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC; and scheduled for release on April 4, 2023, on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, and July 25, 2023, on Nintendo Switch.

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