How to Farm Tantalum in Starfield


Tantalum Metal Resource in Starfield

Best Tantalum Farm Starfield – In the universe of Starfield, the sheer abundance of resources can be overwhelming, each serving various purposes and required for a multitude of activities. Tantalum is one of the rarer resources, and it holds a special place for those aspiring to be the ultimate silent assassins of the cosmos.

Why, you ask? Because Tantalum is a key ingredient in crafting suppressive mods for your weapons, allowing you to accomplish your objectives quietly and efficiently. In this guide, we’ll unveil the best methods for farming Tantalum (Ta) in Starfield, ensuring you stock up on this coveted metal resource without spending countless hours in search of it!

Best Ways to Farm Tantalum (Ta) in Starfield

There are primarily three ways to farm Tantalum efficiently in Starfield:

1. Mining Tantalum from Deposits

Laser Cutter Item to Farm Tantalum with in Starfield

When you need a smaller amount of Tantalum quickly and know where to find it, manual mining is the way to go:

  • Use the “Scan” feature in the Starmap to locate planets or moons rich in Tantalum.
  • Land on the surface of your selected celestial body and use your hand scanner to identify Tantalum ores as you explore.
  • When you find a Tantalum ore node, approach it and use your Laser Cutter to extract the metal.

While this method provides a quick way to acquire Tantalum, it involves active exploration and mining, which can be time-consuming. However, there’s a more passive approach that allows you to farm Tantalum while focusing on other activities:

2. Setting up a Tantalum Extractor

A Metal Extractor Structure in Starfield

For a more relaxed Tantalum mining experience in Starfield, set up an Extractor to do the work for you. Here’s how:

  • Use your Starmap to “Scan” and identify Tantalum-rich planets or moons (or check our list below for top locations).
  • Land on your chosen celestial body and, using your scanner, locate areas with a high concentration of Tantalum deposits.
  • Once you’ve found a suitable site, place an Outpost beacon covering as many Tantalum deposits as possible.
  • Install a Tantalum Extractor on the deposits, along with a power source like a Fueled Generator, Wind Turbine, or Solar Array.

Once powered, the Extractor will automatically keep mining Tantalum from the deposits and store it. Remember to check in occasionally to empty it, or you can connect the Extractor to a Transfer Container, Solid Storage, or Cargo Link for even more efficient Tantalum farming!

3. Purchasing Tantalum from Vendors

If you’re tired of scouring a planet’s surface for Tantalum ore or waiting for your extractor to yield results, the third option is to purchase the resource from various vendors across major planets – if, of course, you can afford it. Keep in mind that Tantalum is on the rarer side, so it may be costlier and less readily available with these vendors:

Jemison MercantileNew AtlantisJemison
Mining LeagueNeonVolii Alpha
Midtown MineralsAkila CityAkila
UC Distribution CenterNew AtlantisJemison
Denis AverinCydoniaMars

#ProTip: Most merchants offer more than 20 Tantalum at a time. If you purchase all their stock, there’s no need to visit a new vendor. Simply wait in a chair for 24 hours to reset their stock so you can buy more from the same vendor.

Best Planets for Tantalum Farming in Starfield

Starfield’s expansive universe, boasting over 1,000 planets and moons, discovering abundant Tantalum deposits can be quite the challenge! However, we’ve identified the top planets and moons where you’ll consistently find substantial quantities of Tantalum:

Tau CetiTau Ceti VI-a
Tau CetiTau Ceti VIII-b
AranaeAranae IV-a
BaraBara IV

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And there you have it, folks! These are the best methods for Tantalum farming in the vast universe of Starfield.

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