How to Get Cake in Palworld


Screenshot of a player baking a Cake in Palworld

Cake might seem like a simple treat, but in the world of Palworld, it’s a crucial consumable, especially when you want to take advantage of the game’s surprisingly intricate breeding mechanics. Every time you’re ready for your Pal parents to produce an egg, a slice of Cake needs to go into your Breeding Farm storage. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the steps to gather ingredients and start baking your own cakes in Palworld!

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Palworld: How to Make Cake

Recipe of Cake in Palworld

To whip up a Cake in Palworld, you’ll need two things: access to a Cooking Pot (no baking in a basic Campfire, obviously!) and all the right ingredients. While you can purchase each ingredient from a Wandering Merchant at a reasonable price, the best way to maintain a steady supply of Cakes without parting with your hard-earned Gold is to craft them yourself!

Let’s break down the ingredients and how to farm them at your Palworld base:

[5x] Flour

Flour can be produced by processing Wheat using a Mill, a production unit unlockable from the Technology tab at Level 15. Buy Wheat from a merchant or produce it yourself by setting up a Wheat Plantation in your base. Add the Wheat to the Mill and assign a water-type pal with ‘Watering’ proficiency (watering can icon) to automatically produce the required Flour.

[8x] Red Berries

Red Berries are produced from a Berry Plantation, and by this point, you should already have more than enough to make multiple cakes.

[7x] Milk

Get Milk by catching or hunting the Mozzarina pals (#029 in your Paldeck). Assign them to a Ranch at your base through the Palbox to have them produce an endless supply of Milk!

[8x] Egg

Eggs are commonly found by catching or hunting Chikipi (#003 in your Paldeck). Assign some to your Ranch, and they’ll automatically start laying eggs for you to collect!

[2x] Honey

Honey is dropped by the bee-like Beegarde pals, often found buzzing alongside their queen bee-like companion, Elizabee. Capture or hunt these pals to gather Honey, and like Mozzarina and Chikipi, assign them to your Ranch for a steady Honey supply.

Once you’ve gathered all the ingredients, interact with your Cooking Pot, select the recipe, and assign a fire-type pal with the ‘Kindling’ suitability (campfire icon) to start the Cake-making process.

Keep in mind that making a Cake takes a bit longer than other recipes. Speed up the process by using a pal with a higher Kindling proficiency, and if you’re playing co-op, get everyone involved!

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And there you have it! You now know how to craft delicious celebratory Cakes for your soon-to-be-parent pals. Keep following Gamer Haul for all things Palworld!

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