How to Get Prismarine Easily in Minecraft Legends

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Description of the Prismarine resource in Minecraft Legends as seen in the in-game journal

Prismarine Farm Minecraft Legends – Prismarine is a valuable and essential resource in Minecraft Legends. It is used to construct upgrades and buildable spawn points (Wellhouses), among other things. That said, running out of Prismarine in this real-time strategy game can be pretty frustrating and seriously hinder your progress. This Gamer Haul guide will teach you how to efficiently farm and stock up on Prismarine fast in Minecraft Legends.

Minecraft Legends: How to Farm Prismarine

Raiding a piglin outpost in Minecraft Legends to get more prismarine

There are three ways to farm Prismarine in Minecraft Legends: destroying Piglin bases, opening village chests, and opening Allay chests.

  • Raiding and destroying Piglin bases is the best and most efficient way to farm Prismarine. Piglin outposts are scattered throughout the overworld, and raiding them and demolishing structures in them can yield a considerable amount of Prismarine. Early on in the game, it is best to use Cobblestone Golems to destroy buildings, as they specifically deal high damage to structures. To farm Prismarine this way, simply place a Cobblestone Golem Spawner outside a Piglin outpost, summon a few of these golems, and get them to follow you into the outpost. Hold the ‘Focus Target’ button to select the building you want to take down and protect your golems while they do their job!
  • Opening village chests is another way to get more Prismarine. Clearing out Piglins attacking villages will grant you a chest containing various items, including Prismarine. While these chests may not always have Prismarine, it’s worth checking them out, as they can reward you with more Allays, among other things.
  • The last way to get some extra Prismarine is by exploring the world and finding Allay chests. These chests are scattered throughout the map and contain some extra resources or a new Allay. Fast-traveling/teleporting around in Minecraft Legends can cause you to miss out on these chests, so it’s best to take your time exploring the world and obtaining these rewards!
Allay Chest rewarding player with 53 Prismarine in Minecraft Legends

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Farming Prismarine in Minecraft Legends may seem like a daunting task, but it’s not impossible. By utilizing the above three methods, you can quickly obtain the necessary amount of Prismarine to progress through the game.

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