How to Start a Fire in Sons of the Forest

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Screenshot of a burning campfire in Sons of the Forest

Sons of the Forest is the eagerly anticipated sequel to the hit co-op survival horror game ‘The Forest,’ which puts players’ imaginations to the test. With little to no guidance or a tutorial on gameplay mechanics, this game drops you and your friends on an island and leaves you to your own devices. Thus, I’m here to teach you the most basic yet crucial survival skill (both in-game and in real life): STARTING A FIRE!

Sons of the Forest: How to Make Fire?

Lighting a fire is one of the fundamental skills you must master if you want to make it through the night in Sons of the Forest’s forest. That, and if you don’t enjoy getting sick from eating raw meat. The game does make things simple enough, though, by providing you with a lighter right at the start, so you don’t have to go hunting for flintstones or anything.

To start a fire, you’ll need two things:

  1. Dry Sticks that you can find lying around on the ground all over the island.
  2. A lighter, which you should already have after opening your emergency pack.
Equipping a Stick from Backpack in Sons of the Forest

First, you will need to equip a stick from your inventory. Press I to open your backpack and then select (left-click) one from the lower-right corner.

Breaking Stick in Sons of the Forest to create campfire structure

Locate a dry spot to build your fire, crouch, and look down at the ground. Left-click to break your stick into smaller pieces and disperse them on the ground to set up your campfire.

Lighting a campfire in Sons of the Forest

When you’ve finished stacking the sticks, it’s time to light them up! Press the interact button (E on the keyboard) to ignite the fire.

Burning Campfire in Sons of the Forest

Congrats, you have successfully created your first fire in Sons of the Forest and can finally use it to roast some fish. By the way, you can take your campfire game to the next level by gathering tiny stones from the riverbank and beach and placing them around it to fortify it. This will make the fire burn brighter and last longer. But be careful not to burn yourself by coming too near! It is fatal.

Sons Of The Forest (Early Access) is available now exclusively for PC on Steam.

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