LEGO Fortnite: How to Make Spicy Burger (Increase Cold Resistance)

LEGO Fortnite

LEGO Fortnite character holding a Spicy Burger in hand.

If you’ve ventured into the late game of LEGO Fortnite, gearing up for the challenges that the Frostlands and Ice Caves bring, you’re going to need a way to stay warm in the extreme cold. Look no further than the Spicy Burger, the ultimate all-around meal to shield your adorable LEGO character from frostbite in the icy terrains! Here’s how to prepare this spicy delight and gain resistance to extreme cold temperatures in LEGO Fortnite.

How to Make Spicy Burgers in LEGO Fortnite

Player character collecting Spicy Pepper from the desert in LEGO Fortnite.

Eating a Spicy Burger not only provides 10 minutes of cold resistance but also adds four temporary Hearts to your character and reduces your hunger by a whopping 10 points! Here’s what you need to make this hot and spicy treat:

  • 1x Flour: Process Wheat into Wheat Grain using a Grain Mill, and then further process the grains into Flour.
  • 1x Meat: Hunt down animals anywhere in the world to get Meat.
  • 1x Spicy Pepper: The key ingredient that adds the heat to our burger. Find these growing in short plants in the Dry Valley desert biome.

Thankfully, you won’t need to invest in an Oven to cook this recipe; your Grill, which should already be part of your village, will do the job just fine. Once you’ve gathered all the ingredients, head back to your base, toss everything into your grill after selecting the Spicy Burger recipe, and start the cooking process. In just a few seconds, you’ll have crafted your very first burger with that extra zing!

Spicy Burger needs three ingredients to be crafted in a Grill station in LEGO Fortnite.

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There you go! Now you’re ready to conquer the icy challenges of the Frostlands, fueled by the warmth and flavor of your homemade Spicy Burger.

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