Orserk Weakness in Palworld


Axel and Orserk Tower Boss Fight Banner in Palworld

Orserk is undoubtedly the reigning Electric-type Pal in Palworld at the moment. If you haven’t already bred one for yourself, your first encounter with this powerhouse will likely be in the game’s 3rd Tower Boss fight vs. Axel & Orserk. To defeat this powerful boss before the timer runs out, you’ll need the right Pals to counter Orserk’s strength effectively!

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What is Orserk’s Weakness in Palworld?

Close up of Orserk, the third Biome Boss of Palworld.

Orserk is a hybrid Electric/Dragon-type Pal, which makes it particularly vulnerable to Ground-type and Ice-type attacks. So, to effectively take down this powerful boss within the time limit, you’ll need a team of top-tier Ground-element and Ice-element pals. However, simply having the right elemental match-up won’t cut it; your character and chosen pals need to be strong, too! I recommend aiming for a minimum level of 40 for yourself and your main pals before facing off against Axel and Orserk at the Eternal Pyre Tower.

List of Pals Strong Against Orserk

Here’s a breakdown of the top Ground-type and Ice-type pals, ranked by their Base Attack stat, that excel in combat against Orserk:

Ground-type Pals:

Paldeck Number Name Base Attack
#100 Anubis 120
#48B Robinquill Terra 105
#88 Reptyro 105
#99 Menasting 100
#92 Warsect 100
#67 Digtoise 95

Ice-type Pals:

Paldeck Number Name Base Attack
#110 Frostallion 140
#71B Vanwyrm Cryst 120
#88B Ice Reptyro 105
#83 Cryolinx 100
#11 Penking 95
#90B Mammorest Cryst 85

Once sufficiently leveled up, these Pals can equip excellent Ground-type Active Skills, such as Sand Tornado and Rock Lance, or equally powerful Ice-type attacks, like Cryst Breath and Blizzard Spike. Not only do these attacks deal extra damage to Orserk, but these Pals can also resist incoming damage (to a certain degree) from an Electric/Dragon Pal like Orserk.

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