Faleris Weakness in Palworld


Faleris, the speedy Fire-type flying Pal in Palworld, currently holds the title of being the fastest non-legendary Pal in the game. And if you haven’t bred one for your party already, your first encounter with this powerhouse will likely be in the game’s 4th Tower Boss fight against Marcus & Faleris. To emerge victorious against this powerful and swift Alpha Pal before the clock runs out, you’ll need the right Pals to exploit Faleris’s weaknesses effectively!

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What is Faleris’s Weakness in Palworld?

Close-up image of Faleris, a bird-type flying Pal who is featured as the 4th Tower Boss FIght alongside Marcus in Palworld.

As a Fire-type Pal, Faleris is naturally vulnerable to Water-type attacks. So, to effectively take down this formidable boss within the time limit, you’ll need to assemble a team of some of the top-tier Water-element Pals in the game. But it’s not just about elemental match-ups; your character and chosen Pals need to be strong, too! Aim for a minimum level of 45 for yourself and your main combat Pals before facing off against Marcus and Faleris at the PIDF Tower.

List of Pals Strong Against Faleris

Here’s a breakdown of the top Water-type Pals, ranked by their Base ATK stat, that excel in combat against Faleris:

Paldeck NumberNameBase Attack
#102BSuzaku Aqua105
#86BBroncherry Aqua95

These Pals, when sufficiently leveled up, can equip some of the best Water-type Active Skills in the game, such as Aqua Burst and Hydro Laser. Not only do these attacks deal extra damage to a Fire-type Pal like Faleris, but these Pals can also resist incoming Fire damage (to a certain degree) from the strong and swift-flying boss!

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