Shadowbeak Weakness in Palworld


Victor & Shadowbeak of the PAL Genetic Research Unit Tower are Palworld’s fifth and final Tower Boss duo, and defeating them requires nothing less than your best Pal-trainer skills. Along with the best endgame gear, good dodging skills and a solid strategy, you’ll need a strong squad of the right Pals to effectively counter Shadowbeak’s strength and take down this tough opponent – before the timer runs out!

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What is Shadowbeak’s Weakness in Palworld?

Close up image of Shadowbeak, the last Tower Boss in Palworld.

Shadowbeak, being a Dark-type Pal, is particularly susceptible to Dragon-type attacks. This means that Dragon-element Pals can deal extra damage to Shadowbeak, giving you a significant advantage in the battle. However, simply relying on elemental advantages won’t suffice.

To stand a chance against Victor & Shadowbeak, your character and Pals must also be at their peak strength. Aim to reach level 50 with both your character and primary combat Pals, and enhance their stats using the Statue of Power and Pal Essence Condensor. Equipping your character with Legendary-rarity armor and weapons, if available, further boosts your chances of success!

List of Pals Strong Against Shadowbeak

Here’s a breakdown of the top Dragon-type Pals, in order of their Base ATK stat, whose attacks will prove ‘highly effective’ against Shadowbeak:

Paldeck Number Name Base Attack
#111 Jetragon 140
#101B Jormuntide Ignis 130
#106B Orserk 130
#98 Astegon 125
#101 Jormuntide 120
#85B Relaxaurus Lux 110

As you level these pals up to 50, you’ll be able to unlock and equip a combination of powerful Dragon-type Active Skills on them (like Draconic Breath and Dragon Burst), which deal additional damage to a Dark-type Pal like Shadowbeak. Additionally, these Dragon Pals can also resist Dark-type attacks, allowing them to last longer in combat against Victor & Shadowbeak before needing to be switched out!

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