Overwatch 2: Brigitte Rework Explained

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New Brigitte Barrier after rework for the hero in overwatch 2

The wait is finally over! Brigitte, the beloved support hero in Overwatch 2, is getting a major rework that is set to go live with Season 4 on April 11th. The hero’s ultimate ability, Rally, has been underwhelming since its nerf, but the latest buffs promise to make it a game-changer.

Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming Brigitte Rework in Overwatch 2!

OW2 Brigitte Rework: Major ‘Rally’ Upgrades

  • Overwatch 2 Briggite Rework Before and After
  • Overwatch 2 Briggite Rework Before and After

Previously, Brigitte’s ultimate ability, Rally, was considered lackluster and highly unimpactful. But with the upcoming rework, this ultimate has received a significant buff, making it a formidable tool for any team. Here are some key points regarding the ultimate buff:

  • It now upgrades her barrier, doubling both its size and health for the duration of the ultimate.
  • Additionally, while the ultimate is active, Brigitte can now ‘Shield Bash’ multiple enemies simultaneously, which now also stuns them briefly.
  • Her barrier’s health has been increased from 350 to a whopping 700 during the ultimate.
  • To put that into perspective, OW2 Tank Hero Sigma’s ‘Experimental Barrier’ also has 700 HP.

The ‘stun’ mechanic being added back to Brigitte’s kit means that she can be even bolder while Rally is active, actively challenge even the toughest enemy Tanks, and with a well-timed bash – stop ultimates like Reinhardt’s Earthshatter in its tracks! This enables Brigitte to protect her team from incoming damage as well as create space for her allies to push forward, adding a nice offensive balance to the ultimate’s defensive capability.

Previously, Brigitte used to build temporary health like her nearby allies during her Rally ultimate. Now, she will gain 100 restorable armor health pool for the duration of the ultimate. This is a significant upgrade that will make Brigitte more survivable in team fights.

OW2 Brigitte Rework: Minor Nerfs

The only nerfs Brigitte received in the rework are minor compared to the overall buffs. Her bonus movement speed during Rally has been reduced from 30 to 15%, and her ‘Repair Pack’ ability’s range has been reduced by 5 meters.

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With these significant buffs, Brigitte is set to make a comeback in the OW2 Meta. The upgraded Rally ultimate is sure to change the game and give players an added advantage in team fights. To learn more and read the full Season 4 patch notes, visit the official Overwatch 2 forum.

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