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Picture of a meditating Lifeweaver from Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 fans, get ready to welcome the highly anticipated addition to the hero roster – Lifeweaver, the game’s first post-launch Support hero. Recently unveiled by Blizzard, Lifeweaver comes with an impressive and unique kit, offering good mobility and the ability to counter enemies alongside supporting teammates. According to the latest gameplay trailer, Lifeweaver will be a high-skill ceiling hero, requiring some time to master. However, once you do, Lifeweaver will be the ultimate trump card for your team.

In this article, we’ll provide the ultimate guide to Lifeweaver, delving into his inspiring lore, unique abilities, and mechanics and sharing tips to help you become effective with them in OW2!

Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver Weapons

Lifeweaver’s weapon set offers a unique blend of offensive and defensive capabilities, making him a versatile support hero who can hold his own. Similar to Mercy, Lifeweaver can switch between two weapons, one for healing and the other for dealing damage.

Primary Weapon (LMB) – Healing Blossom

Lifeweaver healing blossom ability screenshot

His primary weapon, Healing Blossom, charges a luminescent flower that can be aimed at allies to provide burst healing. The longer you charge the blossom by holding down LMB, the more healing it will provide. However, unlike Mercy’s Caduceus Staff, Healing Blossom is not a constant stream of healing but rather a burst-healing ability.

Secondary Weapon (LMB) – Thorn Volley

Lifeweaver thorn volley ability screenshot

Lifeweaver’s secondary weapon, Thorn Volley, is his primary and only source of damage. It fires a stream of Biolight thorns in a “scattered pattern,” dealing decent damage to enemies. This weapon is perfect for defending yourself against annoying enemy flanks and taking down enemy shields.

Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver Abilities

Lifeweaver’s abilities are unique and offer a lot of utility to both the team and the hero himself. Here is an overview of his abilities for your better understanding of his powerful kit:

1. ‘E’ Ability – Petal Platform

Lifeweaver petal platform ability lifting up an ulting orisa screenshot

Petal Platform throws down a platform that springs up when stepped on. Anyone, ally or enemy, can use the platform to launch themselves high up into the sky with a super-jump by timing their jump right as the platform reaches maximum height. This ability can help your team reach higher ground or quickly escape danger.

2. ‘L-SHIFT’ Ability – Rejuvenating Dash

Lifeweaver rejuvenating dash ability screenshot

Rejuvenating Dash allows Lifeweaver to dash in his traveling direction, lightly healing him in the process. This ability is perfect for quickly moving around the map and getting out of danger while providing some self-healing.

3. ‘RMB’ Ability – Life Grip

Lifeweaver life grip ability pulling a friendly Symmetra from outside the map screenshot

Life Grip is like Roadhog’s Chain Hook – but for allies. It envelops the targeted ally in a protective bubble (like Zarya’s) and pulls them towards Lifeweaver’s location, providing them a few seconds of invulnerability and a quick escape from danger.

4. Passive Ability – Parting Gift

Lifeweaver parting gift passive ability screenshot

His passive ability, Parting Gift, provides a final act of healing even after Lifeweaver’s elimination. Upon dying, Lifeweaver drops a gift that can be picked up by the first person to touch it, either ally or enemy, providing them with a burst of healing.

5. Ultimate Ability – Tree of Life

Lifeweaver ultimate ability Tree of Life screenshot

Lifeweaver’s ultimate ability places down a huge tree that instantly heals allies upon sprouting and continually heals them for the duration of the ultimate (12 seconds). This ultimate is perfect for team fights and can help your team sustain through enemy attacks while battling it out for control!

How to Play Lifeweaver in Overwatch 2 – Tips & Tricks to Mastering the Support Hero

Lifeweaver from Overwatch 2 Levitating in the air before a biolight tree

Lifeweaver is a Support hero in Overwatch 2 who is squishy and highly vulnerable to damage like most other heroes in this role. Therefore, paying attention to your surroundings and checking your positioning occasionally is essential. While his primary support ability is Healing Blossom, and you’ll get the most value out of Lifeweaver by healing your teammates, you can also use Thorn Volley to deal significant damage to opponents and enemy barriers. If you find yourself being harassed by an enemy hero like Genji or Tracer with your allies too far away to assist you, switch to your secondary weapon and eliminate them!

Petal Platform is a powerful and unique ability that can be utilized to assist teammates with limited mobility, such as Bastion in Turret mode and a Deadeye’ing Cassidy. It can also be used to disrupt enemy abilities, such as by placing the platform below an ulting Orisa or Reinhardt to nullify their damage completely. As Lifeweaver, you can reach new heights if you time your jump right as the platform reaches its maximum height and instantly follow up with your Rejuvenating Dash.

Life Grip is an incredible playmaking ability that can save allies from death and quickly relocate them from a dangerous location in enemy territory. However, it is vital to be aware of the situation and use your game sense to avoid disrupting your flankers. If you’re wondering, Life Grip cannot be used on an ulting teammate!

Rejuvenating Dash is an ability that allows Lifeweaver to quickly reposition six meters in his moving direction while also lightly healing himself. You can use this ability in tandem with Thorn Volley to dodge and take down enemy attackers in your back lines.

Tree of Life is a ‘defensive’ ultimate that can turn the tide of a fight in a control point. Upon sprouting, it instantly heals all allies for 150 HP in its 15-meter radius, then continues to heal them for 50 HP eight times during its 12-second duration, resulting in a total of 550 HP recovered per ally. Tree of Life does more than just healing, though! It is a solid structure that can provide cover for your team and can block off choke points and break line of sight (LoS), such as against an enemy D.Va’s ‘Self-Destruct’ ultimate (D.Va bomb).

Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver Lore

While there is still much to learn about Lifeweaver’s story, we do know some intriguing details about the hero’s lore. Niran Pruksamanee, also known as Lifeweaver, is the first hero in Overwatch to come from Thailand. Born and raised in Chiang Mai, he grew up in a traditional Thai family “desperate to instill order in their middle child.” His appearance and abilities are heavily influenced by Thai culture, making him a unique addition to the Overwatch roster.

Lifeweaver’s ties to the game’s lore are also significant. He was a close friend of Satya Vaswani, better known as Symmetra, and the two attended the Vishkar Architect Academy together. However, as Lifeweaver, using his family’s wealth, began to travel the world during school breaks, he was deeply affected by the pain and suffering he witnessed. Determined to make a difference, he created ‘Biolight,’ a technology that uses organic material to heal even the most severe wounds. This starkly contrasts Vishkar’s ‘Hardlight,’ which creates inanimate objects.

Lifeweaver is also the first openly pansexual character in the Overwatch universe. It will be interesting to see how this aspect of his identity is explored in his voice lines and interactions with other heroes. Overall, Lifeweaver’s lore is both fascinating and inspiring. It offers a glimpse into the complexities of a hero deeply connected to his cultural roots and fiercely committed to making the world a better place. Watch Lifeweaver’s Origin Story video below:

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That’s everything you need to know about Overwatch 2’s newest support hero, Lifeweaver! With our tips, a little bit of practice, and experience, you’ll be able to master his playstyle and become a valuable asset to your team. So go ahead and give Lightweaver a try in OW2 when he releases tomorrow, and see what kind of magic you can weave on the battlefield!

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