Overwatch 2 Lifeweaver buffs are already on the way, game director confirms


Picture of a meditating Lifeweaver from Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2’s game director, Aaron Keller, has confirmed that buffs and control scheme changes are on the way for the game’s newest support hero, Lifeweaver. Despite being live for only four days, Lifeweaver has already received mixed reactions from the community.

Lifeweaver is the first support hero to join Overwatch 2’s hero roster since the game’s release, hailing from Thailand. His unique kit enables him to assist, heal and save allies from impending doom with his excellent repositioning and burst-healing abilities. However, players have found his controls awkward and clunky, with too many buttons to keep in mind. Additionally, Lifeweaver’s hitbox is larger than most heroes in the same role, and his healing abilities have been somewhat underwhelming in the current meta.

Fortunately, Aaron has confirmed that the developers are already looking into alternative control methods for Lifeweaver’s dash and weapon swap. They hope this will make the transition from healing to damage smoother, like Kiriko. Alongside this, Lifeweaver will also be receiving some balance changes to his kit “sometime next week,” and players can expect details on the control scheme changes around the same time.

Lifeweaver controls changes confirmed by OW2’s Game Director, Aaron Keller.

Keller also indicated that Lifeweaver will “more than likely” receive a buff with these upcoming changes. This shows that the developers are unhappy with the new hero’s performance in the live servers and are actively working to improve him.

The community has been eagerly waiting for a new support hero, and Lifeweaver’s addition to Overwatch 2 has been a significant milestone for the game. He is the first hero from Thailand and has brought new and interesting gameplay mechanics to the support role. However, some players have deemed his kit too complicated, making it difficult to play effectively.

Lifeweaver “more than likely” to receive a buff next week.

Despite the mixed reactions from the community, the Overwatch 2 development team has been working hard to ensure that all heroes are balanced and enjoyable to play. Lifeweaver’s debut and the launch of Season 4 in OW2 may have had some hiccups, but it is reassuring for fans that the developers are determined to make him a valuable addition to the game!

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