Palworld: How to Breed Cryolinx


Cryolinx, #83 on the Paldeck, stands out as a formidable Ice-type pal in Palworld. Boasting 3 points in Cooling and the ‘Dragon Hunter’ Partner Skill, which increases item drops from defeated Dragon-type Pals, Cryolinx is a highly sought-after endgame companion.

If you’re eager to have your very own Cryolinx with top-tier passive skills and stats, you’ve come to the right place. Here’s everything you need to know about breeding a Cryolinx in Palworld!

How to Breed Cryolinx in Palworld

Apart from the obvious pairing of a male and female Cryolinx, there are nearly 60 other parent combinations that can result in a Cryolinx offspring through crossbreeding. However, we’ll focus on the top 5 pairings with non-legendary parent pals that are relatively easier to acquire:

All the mentioned parent combos guarantee a ‘Large Frozen Egg,’ which, once incubated, will hatch into your very own Cryolinx. While you can catch one in its habitat (or in a dungeon) with a Pal Sphere or buy one from the Black Marketeer, breeding is the only surefire way to equip your pals with your desired perks.

Thanks to Palworld’s unique breeding system, two parents can pass down their passive skills to their offspring. This allows you to strategically pair multiple passives that, for example, significantly boost your Cryolinx’s attack!

So, once you have your selected parent pals and all the necessary prerequisites (a Breeding Farm, a Cake, and an empty Egg Incubator), assign them to the farm and let nature take its course. Before you know it, you’ll have a Large Frozen Egg in your possession, ready to hatch into your very own Cryolinx, inheriting the passives of its parents!

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