Palworld: How to Breed Astegon


Close up image of Astegon, a Dark-element Alpha Boss in Palworld.

One of the rarest Dark/Dragon type Pal in Palworld has to be Astegon. As a Level 48 late-game Alpha Pal found in the volcano biome, capturing this ‘Ravager of Stars’ can be quite the challenge, even with your best Pal Sphere. However, for those of us who prefer not to spend hours grinding to have an epic Mecha-dragon-looking Pal in our party, there’s a solution – breeding!

How to Get Astegon Early in Palworld

Screenshot of Astegon in the Paldeck, detailing different skills and abilities of the pal in Palworld.

Thanks to the breeding algorithm in Palworld, several parent combinations can yield an Astegon offspring. While many of these combinations involve rare or hard-to-obtain Pals in the early game, there’s one combination that’s relatively more accessible. This winning combo involves a male and a female:

I’ve already covered how to easily breed both Orserk and Grizzbolt and trust me, they are both worth the effort! Orserk is a personal favorite and my top combat Pal, and Grizzbolt can wield a minigun once you hit level 40!

For those unfamiliar with Pal breeding mechanics, let’s get you up to speed. First, follow our guides on how to breed Orserk and how to breed Grizzbolt. Remember, you’ll need both a female and a male version to start the breeding process at the breeding farm, and it might take a few rounds if luck isn’t on your side!

With your parent Pals ready, assign them to the breeding farm by manually placing them inside one by one. Start the breeding process by adding a Cake to the farm’s storage box and patiently wait for them to produce the Huge Dragon Egg, keeping an eye on the progress wheel.

Image of an Astegon Huge Dragon Egg under incubation in an Incubator in Palworld.

After the egg is hatched, transfer it into an Egg Incubator. Let it fully incubate, and to speed up the process, provide the necessary warmth by placing a campfire or burner nearby. It takes around an hour for any Huge Egg to incubate at its ideal temperature. Once the timer’s over, interact with the incubator to welcome your very own mighty Astegon into your Palworld party!

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