Palworld: How to Breed Lyleen Noct


An Alpha Lyleen Noct boss in Palworld

Lyleen Noct, the Dark-element iteration of the Grass-type Lyleen in Palworld, brings a formidable presence with a unique combination of Dark and Ice attacks. If you’re eyeing this impressive pal for your team but are reluctant to face its Level 49 Alpha boss version, fret not! You can add Lyleen Noct to your party easily in the early game through breeding.

How to Get Lyleen Noct Early in Palworld

In-game Palworld screenshot detailing Lyleen Noct's Stats and Skills.

Unlike many other pals in the game that allow for various parent combinations, Lyleen Noct follows the same principle as its regular version. To add this menacing beauty to your Palworld party, you need to breed a specific combination of male and female pals:

Only this particular pairing will yield a Lyleen Noct egg, so your first mission is to secure both Menasting and Lyleen. Not to worry, though – I’ve already covered how you can easily breed both of these endgame-level pals, even if you’re in the early stages of the game! You can check out their respective breeding guides by clicking the hyperlinks above.

Once you have the required parent pals and all the necessary prerequisites (a Breeding Farm, a Cake, and an empty Egg Incubator), assign them to the farm and let nature take its course. Before you know it, you’ll have a Huge Dark Egg in your possession, ready to hatch into your very own Lyleen Noct once fully incubated!

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