Palworld: How to Breed Menasting


Menasting is a tanky Dark/Ground element pal in Palworld, featuring a potent Partner Skill that perfectly complements its scorpion-like appearance. With an impressive three points in Mining and two in Lumbering, Menasting excels not only in supporting your base activities but also in dealing substantial damage in combat.

While obtaining its Alpha (boss) version might take some significant time investment, there’s a way to add a normal-sized Menasting to your party early in the game – through breeding!

How to Get Menasting Early in Palworld

Menasting, much like Anubis and Jormuntide, is a pal that can be bred using various parent combinations. The only challenge is that most of these combinations involve pals that are either hard to obtain or impossible to get in the early stages of Palworld. So, to make your life easier, here are five breeding options with parents that are exceptions to this rule and are relatively easier to acquire early in the game:

  • Combination #1: Elizabee x Helzephyr
  • Combination #2: Grizzbolt x Elizabee
  • Combination #3: Pyrin x Relaxaurus
  • Combination #4: Pyrin Noct x Lyleen
  • Combination #5: Relaxaurus x Lyleen

While there are 94 different parent combinations that can produce the coveted ‘Huge Dark Egg’ from which Menasting hatches, the five options listed above are your top choices for recruiting the Dark/Ground-type scorpion into your party, especially when you’re still at a lower level.

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If you don’t have any of the pals mentioned above, the best parent combo to start working towards is the first one – Elizabee and Helzephyr. Both are commonly found in the tropical regions of the map, and you should be able to catch them as early as level 20. Just remember, you need a female and a male version to initiate the cross-breeding process and produce a Menasting egg at your Breeding Farm!

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