Palworld: How to Breed Mossanda Lux


Meet Mossanda Lux, the electrifying counterpart to Mossanda, the Grass-type pal in Palworld. Not only is this panda-like companion adorable, but it’s also one of the best Electric-type powerhouses you can have in the early game. The best part? You can saddle up on Mossanda Lux and rain down explosive mayhem with a grenade launcher from as early as level 25!

Intrigued? Here’s everything you need to know about breeding Mossanda Lux in Palworld!

How to Obtain Mossanda Lux Early in Palworld

To add Mossanda Lux to your Palworld party without confronting its Level 31 Alpha (World Boss) version, you’ll need a specific parent combination: a regular Mossanda (Paldeck#33) and a Grizzbolt (Paldeck#103).

Unlike many other pals that can result from various parent combinations, Mossanda Lux is unique in that only the mentioned pair will successfully produce a Mossanda Lux egg. If you’re yet to obtain a Grizzbolt, check out our other breeding guide first. Mossanda is commonly found in the region marked on the map below:

Mossanda (Mossanda Lux Parent 1) location in Palworld

Now, for breeding Mossanda Lux, you’ll need three key components: a Breeding Farm (unlockable from the Technology tab at level 19), a Cake (prepared in a Cooking Pot), and an Egg Incubator (an Ancient Technology also unlockable from the Technology tab).

Deploy the two parents into your base via the Palbox, assign them to the breeding farm, and add the Cake to the farm’s storage box to kickstart the breeding process. Once the parents do their thing and produce the ‘Large Electric Egg,’ transfer it into the Egg Incubator.

Now, the waiting game begins. You can speed up the process by providing the necessary warmth with a campfire and heater nearby. Finally, once the timer hits zero, interact with the incubator, and ta-da! Mossanda Lux is ready to join your Palworld party!

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