Should You Kill or Spare Larry Dumbrosky in Starfield?


Confronting Larry Dumbrosky in Starfield

Kill vs. Spare Dumbrosky Starfield – In the vast universe of Starfield, you’ll encounter many choices that shape your character’s journey. The game presents to you one such important choice during the Breaking the Bank mission when you encounter Larry Dumbrosky, a corporate executive from GalBank. Larry holds some vital information, and the game lets you choose how you extract it from him. The twist is that, although you might be tempted to use force, everyone advises a more peaceful approach!

In this article, we’ll explore whether to eliminate or spare Larry Dumbrosky and the outcomes associated with each option!

What Happens if You Kill Larry Dumbrosky in Breaking the Bank?

Evgeny Rokov Dialogue the Player Kills Larry Dumbrosky in Starfield Breaking the Bank Mission

If you decide to get violent, be aware that the ship you’re on, the Spire of the Stars, is equipped with sensors throughout the interior that detect any form of aggression. Consequently, the instant you start fighting Larry, the ship’s security will be alerted! Your attack on Larry will trigger everyone with a weapon on the ship to hunt you down and attack you. Expect a challenging battle, and make sure you’re well-equipped with the best gear as you try to reach your ship and escape to the Crimson Fleet.

Once you make it back:

  • Evgeny Rokov, the mission contact, will be waiting for you. He’ll acknowledge your risky approach and call you crazy but admits that it did get the job done.
  • When you return to GalBank on New Atlantis, you’ll find Ecliptic Mercenaries inside the archive. This indicates that GalBank has already discovered how you handled things on the Spire and wants revenge.
  • After the mission, when you return to the Kryx System, Delgado will wish to discuss the assignment with you. Surprisingly, he won’t be too concerned that it turned into a violent confrontation. He’s far more interested in obtaining data about the Legacy ship.

What Happens if You Don’t Kill Larry Dumbrosky in Starfield?

Evgeny Rokov Dialogue the Player Spares Larry Dumbrosky in Starfield Breaking the Bank Mission

Choosing to spare Larry Dumbrosky while aboard the Spire of the Stars leads to a considerably smoother experience for your Starfield journey. This path does, however, involve more talking and less fighting!

  • To get the information you need, you’ll need to gather details from Klaudia and Vera regarding Dumbrosky’s history. You will learn that they’re running a scheme together and that Dumbrosky and Klaudia are having an affair.
  • After obtaining the necessary evidence and presenting it to Dumbrosky, he’ll willingly provide you with the information you want without any resistance. You can then leave the ship without facing hostility and proceed with the rest of the mission without any hassle.
  • However, interestingly, when you reach the GalBank archives in New Atlantis, you’ll still encounter the Ecliptic Mercenaries. Thankfully, you should be able to handle them without much difficulty.

Is it Better to Kill or Spare Dumbrosky in Starfield?

The primary difference between killing or sparing Larry Dumbrosky seems to be how quickly and easily you can leave the Spire of the Stars. If you choose violence against Larry or anyone else on the ship, the entire place goes into lockdown, and everyone becomes your enemy. If you want a quicker exit, it’s a good idea to spare Larry. However, if your character leans toward a more aggressive disposition, the choice doesn’t have significant long-term consequences for your Starfield journey. Ultimately, the decision is yours to make!

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