Louisa Reyez vs. Zoe Kaminski – Who Should You Side With in Starfield?


Louisa vs. Zoe Choice in Starfield Alternating Currents

In the vast universe of Starfield, you’ll encounter many choices that shape your character’s journey. One such pivotal moment arises early in the game during the “Alternating Currents” side mission, where you’ll encounter two intriguing characters: Louisa Reyez and Zoe Kaminski.

Louisa Reyez is a dedicated public servant with a singular focus – uncovering the causes behind The Well’s frequent brownouts. On the other hand, Zoe Kaminski, an employee of the Trade Authority, seems self-centered and somewhat suspicious from the get-go. Throughout the mission, which tasks you with investigating electrical junction boxes all over the city to trace the source of the brownouts, you’ll face the critical decision of aligning with one of these characters. Eventually, you must also choose whom to entrust with some crucial evidence. In this article, we’ll help you decide whom to side with, Reyez or Kaminski, and which one of the two deserves the evidence you find in Starfield Alternating Currents!

Who Should Receive the Evidence in Alternating Currents: Reyez or Kaminski?

Zoe Kaminski Evidence Dialogue Options in Starfield Alternating Currents

When you first meet Reyez in The Well, she asks for your help to track down a power drain causing these brownouts. Your mission involves inspecting junction boxes across the city, eventually leading you to Zoe Kaminski at the Trade Authority. It’s during this investigation that you stumble upon evidence of a bank hacking robbery utilizing The Well as a power source. This is where the game presents you with the choice!

As you make your way back to Louisa Reyez with the newfound evidence, Kaminski will request that you hand it over to her instead, offering generous compensation in return. However, Reyez urgently requires this evidence to bring the perpetrator to justice and to prove to her bosses that her pursuit was not in vain.

Louisa Reyez Evidence Dialogue Options in Starfield Alternating Currents

So, whom should you trust with the evidence? The straightforward answer is that, aside from some alterations in dialogue and moral considerations, the choice does not significantly impact the game’s outcome. Opting for either Reyez or Kaminski results in no apparent lasting consequences.

  • If you decide to deliver the evidence to Kaminski, she will share a part of the information with Reyez and then go about her business managing the New Atlantis branch of the Trade Authority.
  • On the other hand, if you choose to hand the evidence over to Louisa Reyez, she swears that the authorities will receive the information and says that her superiors will be pleased with her performance.’
  • Kaminski Dialogue on being given the evidence in Starfield
  • Reyez Dialogue on being given the evidence in Starfield

Irrespective of your choice, you will receive the same amount of credits and XP upon completing the mission. Therefore, feel free to select the path that aligns with your character’s inclinations or moral compass, as it will not substantially impact the broader Starfield narrative.

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