Should You Betray Huan Diayu in Starfield?


In the vast universe of Starfield, you’ll encounter many choices that shape your character’s journey. One such pivotal moment occurs during the “The Best There Is” mission featuring Huan Diayu, the smuggler who helps you get onto the SY-920 space station. As you progress through the quest, you’ll discover that she’s a double agent, working both with the Crimson Fleet and the United Colonies (UC) and has maintained this delicate balance for some time now. Her professionalism and wit have earned her the trust of many, causing UC security to turn a blind eye to her actions.

Towards the mission’s conclusion, you face a choice – expose her as a smuggler to Dr. Vogel and divert the entire station’s attention to her, or keep her identity a secret and remain in her good books. In this article, we’ll delve into whether you should betray Huan in Starfield and cover the consequences that may unfold for both options!

What Will Happen if You Betray Huan Diayu in Starfield?

“The Best There Is” mission in the SY-920 space station presents you with one of several opportunities to decide whether to betray Huan in your Starfield adventure. Opting for the [Betray Huan] dialogue when speaking with Dr. Vogel will trigger the following outcome: 

  • Dr. Vogel immediately grants you access to the prototype ship.
  • The entire station goes into lockdown, and a strike team is dispatched towards the Cargo Bay.
  • You can then pilot the ship back to the Kryx System and hand it over to Delgado, who requires it for the Legacy treasure hunt.
Betray Huan Dialogue Option with Dr. Vogel in Starfield

It’s worth noting that Delgado might not be thrilled about your choice, considering Huan is one of his top contracts in the Settled Systems. However, he seems more fixated on acquiring the Legacy, showing limited concern about Huan’s fate. On the flip side, Huan will be understandably furious and will vow to settle the score with you someday.

Upon completing the quest, you’ll report to Commander Ikande on the UC Vigilance. Learning of your betrayal, he labels it a “dangerous gambit” but one that paid off – so it was worth the risks.

Remember, Starfield is a role-playing game, and the choices you make shape your character’s path. If aligning with the UC SysDef and weakening the Crimson Fleet aligns with your character’s goals, betraying Huan can be a strategic move. However, the decision ultimately lies in your hands.

What Will Happen if You Don’t Betray Huan Diayu in Starfield?

On the other side of the coin, you may opt to keep Huan’s true identity a secret, refraining from disclosing it to Dr. Vogel, Commander Ikande, or anyone outside of the Crimson Fleet. This choice preserves her cover throughout the operation, ensuring she retains her lucrative contract with the UC. This path maintains your good standing with her, and she’ll owe you a favor in the future.

If you intend to stay with the Crimson Fleet after these missions or value Huan as a potential ally, keeping her secret from the UC SysDef is a mindful choice. Huan is a skilled smuggler, and your Starfield character may find her assistance valuable down the cosmic road!

Is Betraying Huan the Better Choice?

In this article, I’ve laid out both routes – betraying Huan or keeping her trust, which should help you decide for yourself. The choice ultimately boils down to your preferences for your Starfield character. But if you ask me, I’d opt not to turn in Huan Diayu and remain in her good graces. I want my character to support the Crimson Fleet over the UC SysDef, making Huan a valuable ally and a potential friend in the future.

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That is everything you need to know about whether to betray Huan Diayu in Starfield. Whether you stand with Huan or opt for an alternative route, remember that it’s your adventure to craft in Bethesda Studio’s new cosmic universe!

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