Starfield: Kill or Persuade Bank Robbers in Job Gone Wrong?


Kill vs. Persuade Robbers Starfield – In the vast universe of Starfield, your choices significantly influence your character’s journey. The game presents you with one such crucial decision during the “Job Gone Wrong” mission, which tasks you with aiding the local marshal in dealing with a group of bank robbers.

You come across this mission soon after landing on the planet Akila and entering Akila City. Simply put, some robbers have taken hostages after robbing the local GalBank branch. The local marshal, Daniel Blake, requests your assistance in persuading the robbers to surrender. This is where you face a pivotal choice: de-escalate the situation using your wit and persuasion skills, or take a more aggressive approach and save the town like a classic cowboy?

What Happens if You Choose to Eliminate the Bank Robbers?

While it might not be the most ethical option, it’s a valid choice, and Daniel Blake himself suggests it. If you opt for this more violent route:

  • Daniel Blake provides you with a key to the bank, allowing you to sneakily enter from the back without alerting the robbers.
  • Once inside, you must decide whether to take them out stealthily one by one or engage in a full-blown shootout. However, (spoiler alert) regardless of your choice, the hostages are not in any real danger.
  • After dealing with the bandits, you return to Daniel Blake, who praises you for neutralizing the threat and ensuring the hostages’ safety.
  • Blake commends your actions and considers you prime Freestar Ranger material, guiding you to the next quest in the Freestar Collective questline.

What Happens if You Choose to Persuade the Bank Robbers?

If you prefer a more peaceful approach and opt for “more talking, less shooting,” a persuasion mini-game will begin:

  • The bank robbers permit you to approach an intercom, which you can use to reason with them.
  • It’s a good idea to save your game before attempting negotiation in case you fail and want to try again.
  • Consider using items like Hippolyta or other persuasion-boosting Aid consumables from your inventory to improve your chances of success!
  • On a successful attempt, you can convince the robbers to release the hostages and surrender.
  • Daniel Blake is highly impressed with your persuasion skills and your ability to defuse the situation through dialogue. While he acknowledges your gunslinging skills if you choose the more violent approach, he seems even happier and more impressed with your peaceful resolution!
  • However, if you fail the persuasion attempt, Blake will provide you with the key to the bank and instruct you to go with option #1 instead.

While the cash reward for both choices remains the same: a nice 5,000 Credits bonus for your trouble, you do get an extra 10 XP for a successful persuasion!

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In Starfield, every choice you make shapes your character’s journey, and the “Job Gone Wrong” mission is a prime example of how your decisions impact the game’s narrative. So, will you be the gunslinging hero or the persuasive negotiator? Either way, happy cowboy’ing!

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