Starfield: Kill, Persuade, or Make a Deal With Dieter Maliki in Due in Full?


Kill or Persuade Dieter Malliki Starfield – In the vast universe of Starfield, every choice shapes your character’s journey. The game presents a challenging decision during the “Due in Full” mission, where you step into the role of an intergalactic debt collector for GalBank, tasked with tracking down a debtor named Dieter Maliki.

Locating Mr. Maliki isn’t easy, but once you find him, you must choose how to make him repay his debt. You’re presented with three dialogue options: persuade him with your words, make a deal, or resort to violence. Here are the consequences for each choice:

What Happens if You Choose to Persuade Dieter Maliki in Starfield?

Persuade Dieter Maliki Dialogue Option Result in Starfield Due in Full Mission

If you trust your persuasion skills and opt for a non-violent approach, select the [Persuade] dialogue to initiate the Persuasion Mini-game:

  • You must fill four bars in the persuasion meter using the provided dialogue options within three turns. Failing to persuade him results in Maliki pulling a gun on you, and you’ll have to take him down.
  • On a successful persuasion attempt, Dieter reluctantly hands over the owed money.
  • After he settles his debt, you can return to Landry Hollifeld at GalBank’s front desk. He’ll be delighted that you convinced Mr. Maliki to pay, and he does so willingly.
  • Hollifeld rewards your success with a bonus and invites you to work for him again anytime.

You’ll receive 6,300 Credits and earn 10XP for the successful persuasion, making this choice the most financially rewarding!

Hollifeld is happy that the player was able to persuade Dieter in Starfield Due in Full mission

What Happens if You Choose to Kill Dieter Maliki in Starfield?

Eliminate Dieter Maliki Option Result in Starfield Due in Full Mission

If you prefer a more direct approach and decide to settle the matter with violence, you can engage in combat using one of the more aggressive dialogue options. You can even choose to eliminate Maliki before entering through his door. Both options achieve the same outcome, and you can proceed to the next step of the mission: reporting back to GalBank.

  • Although the GalBank executive, Landry Hollifeld, expresses slight remorse over Dieter’s fate, he pays you a substantial fee of 3,800 Credits.
  • Just like option #1, Hollifeld invites you to work for him again in the future.

What Happens if You Try to Make a Deal with Dieter Maliki in Starfield?

Making a Deal with Dieter Maliki Option Result in Starfield Due in Full Mission

You might notice a third dialogue option that involves proposing a secret deal with Maliki to make extra Credits. You suggest that, for the “right amount of Credits,” you could tell Mr. Hollifeld that Dieter was already deceased when you found him. However, Dieter informs you that he attempted this in the past, and GalBank uncovered the truth.

Put simply:

  • Trying to negotiate a side deal with Maliki is merely another way of engaging in combat, as he almost immediately pulls a gun on you.
  • Fortunately, you need not worry about Hollifeld discovering your attempt to go behind his back, as he remains unaware of the situation.
  • The reward for this option is the same as option #2: a payment of 3,800 Credits and the opportunity to work for Hollifeld again in the future.

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