Starfield: Should You Pay, Persuade, or Help Billy in Shadows in Neon?


Persuade vs Help vs Pay Billy in Starfield Shadows in Neon

Persuade vs. Help Billy Starfield – In the expansive universe of Starfield, your choices are pivotal in shaping your character’s journey. One such multi-option decision arises in the “Shadows in Neon” mission, where you must extract vital information about a HopeTech ship thief from Billy, the mechanic. Should you attempt to bribe him, utilize your persuasive skills to coax the information from him, or lend a helping hand with a personal issue to gain the intel you need? This article will guide you in selecting the best approach to complete this mission!

What Happens if You Decide to Help Billy in Shadows in Neon?

Billy requesting for help in shadows in neon starfield

Billy possesses the information you seek, but he’s not interested in the 1000 Credits you offer, as it’s not money he requires. He reveals that his life is in jeopardy due to a substantial debt left behind by his deceased brother, which has now fallen upon him to settle. The Syndicate loan shark, Emmet Goodman, is pursuing him, having threatened his life unless he pays his brother’s debt. This is where you, Deputy, come in!

If you choose to assist Billy with his predicament:

  • He will reveal the location of the Ebbside warehouse where you can find Goodman and guide you on obtaining the key you’ll need to get to him.
  • You must then find a way to Emmet’s office and engage in a conversation with him. This, in turn, presents you with yet another four distinct choices:
    1. Attempt to negotiate with him.
    2. Persuade him to spare Billy regarding his late brother’s debts.
    3. Pay the 4000 Credit debt from your own pocket.
    4. Resolve the situation through force by taking down everyone in the room.
Dialogue options with Emmet Goodman in Starfield Shadows in Neon

Regardless of your chosen approach, you will resolve Billy’s problem, and he will provide the required information – allowing you to progress to the next step in the Shadows in Neon mission.

What Happens if You Persuade Billy in Starfield?

Persuasion Minigame with Billy in Starfield Shadows in Neon

If you have confidence in your character’s Persuasion skill, there is also a [Persuade] dialogue option available. However, be aware that the Persuasion mini-game with Billy features an 8-slot persuasion meter, and you have three turns to successfully convince him to share the required intel. If you opt for this route, it’s recommended to save your game before attempting, providing the opportunity to retry if you fail. Additionally, consider using Persuasion-boosting Aid consumables, such as Hippolyta, to improve your chances of success.

Should you successfully pass this skill check, you can extract the information from Billy without having to go through the trouble of confronting Emmet Goodman and his associates.

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That is everything we have on whether you should pay, persuade, or help Billy out with his problem in the “Shadows in Neon” mission in Starfield!

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