AOK 4.0x RQ-9 Challenge Bugged in MW3 – How to Fix?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

How to Fix the AOK 4.0x Week 7 Challenge Bug in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 Reloaded

Season 1 Reloaded in Modern Warfare 3 is in full swing, but there’s a pesky bug causing frustration among players attempting to unlock the new TAQ Evolvere LMG through the Week 7 challenge. If you’ve been left scratching your head wondering why your progress isn’t counting for the ‘Get 30 Operator Kills with AOK 4.0x RQ-9 Recon Equipped to a Recommended Weapon’ challenge, worry not – I’ve found a fix!

MW3: How to Fix the Week 7 Challenge Bug

The KR Intlas LSJ-3 Optic that fixes the Week 7 Challenge Bug in MW3

The solution to this bug is surprisingly simple. Instead of using the specified AOK 4.0x RQ-9 Recon, equip the KR Intlas LSJ-3 Optic (pictured above) on a Recommended Weapon to rack up those 30 kills in Multiplayer. While there might be other optics that work, my kills with the KR Intlas LSJ-3 equipped on my Holger 556 counted towards the challenge progress.

This ‘bug’ appears more like a typo from the developers’ side than a game glitch or coding error. Considering three out of seven challenges in Week 7 involve the ‘JAK’ aftermarket parts, it’s plausible that the developers intended to write ‘JAK’ instead of ‘AOK’ for this specific challenge, too.

While it’s just a theory, it aligns well with the fact that the KR Intlas LSJ-3 is an aftermarket part unlocked by completing any 5 Challenges from Week 4.

And there you have it, folks—that’s the fix for the MW3 Week 7 Challenge bug that has been causing headaches for many players, myself included! For more to-the-point guides and the latest news updates on your favorite games, stay tuned to Gamer Haul!

2 thoughts on “AOK 4.0x RQ-9 Challenge Bugged in MW3 – How to Fix?”

  1. Thats not working for me. Also on the challenge it shows in 13/30. And I got that before I even unlocked the scope everyone is saying is the fix. I’ve tried it with smg, and assault that are recommended but its not moving. Its my only hope I never get first kill and it would take me forever to level up the tyr

    • Have you tried equipping the Optic on the Holger 556 and see if that works?

      Edit: I had a quick look at the subreddit, someone commented: “After switching from AOK to KR from reading this thread, then back to AOK, kills are registering.” Give it a try!


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