MW3: Best TAQ Evolvere (New LMG) Loadout & Class Setup

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The TAQ Evolvere, a fresh addition to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 with the recent ‘Season 1 Reloaded’ mid-season update, is the perfect treat for LMG enthusiasts. If you’ve already secured this new Light Machine Gun by completing any 5 of the Week 7 Challenges, the next step is to optimize its potential with the perfect loadout and class setup. I’ve got you covered!

Best TAQ Evolvere Loadout in COD: MW3

Unlike its cousin, the TAQ Eradicator, the Evolvere is a pure LMG, bringing that hefty feel and a powerful kick. Surprisingly versatile for an LMG, it even lets you switch from the default 7.62 ammo to 5.56 for improved handling and mobility, though at the cost of some damage and raw power. Both versions are solid, but I prefer the 7.62mm variant more.

Here’s the optimal attachment setup to maximize the TAQ Evolvere’s potential in MW3:

Attachment Choice Reason
Muzzle Shadowstrike Suppressor Conceals shots from the enemy radar without any downsides.
Barrel Factory Barrel Increases strafing speed and provides additional recoil control.
Underbarrel Kimura RYN-03 Vertical Grip Effectively controls the LMG’s erratic recoil, enhancing stability while spraying-and-praying!
Stock Assault-60 Stock Greatly helps control the LMG’s erratic recoil, making it more stable while spraying and praying.
Rear Grip ~The First One~ Further helps tame the recoil by increasing Gun Kick Control and Recoil Control.
Note: The name of the mentioned Rear Grip is bugged and currently shows up in-game as “JUP_JP20_LM_EVICTOR_PGGRIP_AIM.”

Best TAQ Evolvere Class Setup in COD: MW3

Best Class Setup, i.e., gear and equipment to use with the new TAQ Evolvere Light Machine Gun in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Pairing the best TAQ Evolvere loadout with the right class setup is crucial for optimal performance:

Equipment Choice Reason
Secondary Renetti / WSP Stinger Reliable backup options.
Vest Engineer Trades the Lethal Equipment slot for two Gear slots and two Tactical charges. Also allows you to spot enemy equipment through walls.
Tactical Stun / Flash Grenade Useful for clearing corners and engaging enemies in close to medium range.
Field Equipment Munitions Box Munitions box to make sure you never run dry during intense firefights. Trophy System when enemy grenades start becoming a constant threat!
Gloves Commando Gloves Allows reloading while sprinting, ensuring you always stay on the move—even with an LMG in hand!
Boots Stalker Boots Increases strafing and ADS movement speed, further supporting an aggressive playstyle with the TAQ Evolvere.
Gear #1 Bone Conduction Headset Enhances your ability to identify enemy footsteps and gunshots, providing a game-changing advantage.
Gear #2 Ghost T/V Camo Makes you undetectable by enemy UAVs, radar sources, and heartbeat sensors while moving, turning you into a total ghost.

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