MW3: Best HRM-9 (New SMG) Loadout & Class Setup

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The HRM-9, a formidable 9mm Submachine Gun recently introduced with the mid-season ‘Season 1 Reloaded’ update in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, brings versatility to the SMG category. Boasting a high fire rate, commendable handling, and excellent mobility, it’s your go-to choice if you are a fan of the ‘run-and-gun’ playstyle.

Without further ado, here’s the best HRM-9 loadout and class setup to help you dominate in MW3: Season 1 Reloaded!

Best HRM-9 Loadout in COD: MW3

The HRM-9 can be unlocked by completing Sector ‘A21’ of the Season 1 Battle Pass in Modern Warfare 3, and it’s very much worth the effort! It easily stands out as one of the best SMGs in the game and feels quite fluid and easy to use. Notably, it’s the only gun in MW3 that allows you to alter its iron sights using a unique barrel attachment.

Here’s the perfect attachment setup to maximize the HRM-9’s potential:

MuzzleShadowstrike Suppressor STo conceal your shots from the enemy radar while firing the weapon – without any downsides.
BarrelPrinceps Long BarrelEnhances the SMG’s midrange capabilities by increasing bullet velocity and range.
Note: This barrel also provides cleaner iron sights for the HRM-9!
UnderbarrelDR-6 HandstopBoosts strafing, ADS, sprint-to-fire, and overall movement speed, maximizing mobility and responsiveness.
Magazine50 Round DrumWith the SMG’s high fire rate, a larger ammo capacity is a must to avoid constant reloads!
StockFolding StockGreatly improves recoil control and helps keeping the gun steadier during medium to longer-range sprays.

Best HRM-9 Class Setup in COD: MW3

Best Class Setup, i.e., gear and equipment to use with the new TAQ Evolvere Light Machine Gun in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

Pairing the best HRM-9 loadout with the right class setup is crucial for optimal performance:

SecondaryRenetti / WSP StingerMost reliable backup options.
VestEngineer VestAllows carrying an extra Gear (+1 perk!) and two tacticals instead of one, providing more versatility.
TacticalStun / Flash GrenadeUseful for clearing corners and engaging enemies in close to medium range.
Field EquipmentMunitions Box / Trophy SystemMunitions box to make sure you never run dry during intense firefights. Trophy System when enemy grenades start becoming a constant threat!
GlovesAssault GlovesBoosts accuracy and ADS speed while jumping, perfect for jump-peeking around corners.
BootsCovert BootsEliminate footstep sounds, enabling you to close gaps with targets without giving away your position.
Gear #1EOD PaddingShrug off damage from non-killstreak explosives, making enemy lethals less lethal!
Gear #2Ghost T/V CamoMakes you undetectable by enemy UAVs, radar sources, and heartbeat sensors while moving.

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