Does Enshrouded Have Cross Saves?


Keen Games’ Enshrouded is about to hit Early Access, and the hype is real! With its unique blend of genres and a nod to favorites like Valheim, Enshrouded has already captured the attention of both the survival gaming community and content creators. As the release date approaches, questions about its features, especially cross-save functionality, are on everyone’s minds.

Does Enshrouded Feature Cross Save?

A screenshot of player deploying a glider to traverse the map in Enshrouded.

No, Enshrouded will not feature cross-save/progression at launch. The reason is simple: the game is initially exclusive to Steam as it enters its Early Access phase next week. With a single-platform release, the capability to save progress on one platform and continue on another is not applicable to Enshrouded.

However, Keen Games, the developers behind Enshrouded, have reassured console players that their creation will eventually make its way to the latest-gen consoles (PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S) once the full version is ready.

The primary goal of the early access phase (which is planned to last a year) is to refine, improve, and expand the world of Enshrouded based on feedback from the gaming community. Following this, the developers plan to bring the game to other platforms in its “complete” form.

This leaves the door open for the possibility of adding cross-progression as a feature in the future, once Enshrouded is available on multiple platforms. For now, players will have to rely on Steam and its cloud saves to play on multiple PCs with the same save files but not across distinct platforms.

Mark your calendars – Enshrouded’s Steam Early Access begins on January 24, 2024.

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