All Fishing Pond Locations in Destiny 2

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Five players fishing together in edz fishing pond in Destiny 2

Fishing, probably the most unexpected feature added to Destiny 2 with Season of the Deep, has already become a popular activity. After all, it offers Guardians a relaxing pastime amidst their heroic adventures! If you’re looking to cast your line and reel in some fish to add to your collection, this guide will provide you with all the Fishing Ponds locations in the game. Explore these serene spots, hone your angling skills, and discover the variety of fish waiting to be caught!

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Every Fishing Pond Location in D2 (Map)

While the game map provides a general indication of each pond’s location, it falls short in giving precise details. So, here are all the fishing pond locations and a handy map to help you locate them quickly! Keep in mind that multiple ponds may exist within each Destination, and the ones listed here are the ones we have encountered. Keep an eye out for the glowing blue line that emanates from the pond once you enter the corresponding region of the Destination:

EDZ Fishing Pond – Outskirts

From the Trostland landing zone, head west between the buildings towards the Outskirts. Keep an eye out for the glowing blue line indicating the Fishing Pond.

  • Destiny 2 Map with marked directions to EDZ Fishing Pond location
  • in-game screenshot of EDZ fishing pond in destiny 2

Nessus Fishing Pond – The Cistern

Load into The Cistern landing zone and travel northwest towards the Pools of Luminance. At this location, we found two fishing ponds in different instances.

  • Destiny 2 Map with marked directions to Nessus Fishing Pond locations
  • in-game screenshot of Nessus fishing pond in destiny 2

Savathun’s Throne World Fishing Pond – Miasma

Start at the Quagmire landing zone and head north towards Miasma. You’ll spot the Fishing Pond on your left as you enter the region.

  • Destiny 2 Map with marked directions to Savathun's Throne World Fishing Pond location
  • in-game screenshot of savathun's throne world fishing pond in destiny 2

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Now that you have the complete list of every fishing pond location currently available in the game, you’re all set to embark on your fishing adventures! Grab your rod and tackle, Guardian, and may your catches be plentiful. Happy Fishing!

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