How to Beat the AH12 HC Helicopter Boss in Armored Core 6

Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon

AC12 HC Helicopter Boss in Armored Core 6

Beat Attack Helicopter Boss AC6 – The AH12-HC Helicopter is the first boss encounter in FromSoftware’s thrilling and fast-paced Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon that awaits you at the end of the opening main mission, Illegal Entry. Staying true to FromSoftware’s signature style, which avid fans have savored in titles like Sekiro and Elden Ring, this initial boss battle rigorously tests your mecha piloting skills and gives you a taste of what’s to come later.

If you find yourself struggling against this menacing and incredibly agile attack helicopter during your first playthrough, don’t worry – you’re not alone! We’re here to help. This Gamer Haul article is your guide to mastering the fight against the AH12 HC Helicopter Boss in Armored Core 6, offering invaluable tips to ensure your victory.

How to Easily Destroy the AH12 HC Helicopter Boss in Armored Core 6

Understanding the AH12’s Attacks

AH12 HC Helicopter Attacks in Armored Core 6

To emerge victorious against the AH12 HC Helicopter, it’s crucial to familiarize yourself with its arsenal of attacks. Survival is the first step to victory, after all. Here’s a breakdown of the AH12’s primary attacks and how you can effectively counter them:

  1. Machine Guns: While the AH12’s machine guns are its weakest weapons, they relentlessly rain down consistent damage. To evade this barrage, keep yourself in motion, using quick dashes and Assault Boost to stay out of the line of fire.
  2. Rockets: The AH12 is armed with rockets that lack homing capabilities but pack quite the punch! Attempting to shoot down the rockets mid-flight won’t work, so instead, utilize your environment to shield against the explosions or time your mobility abilities – boost, dash, ascend, and descend – to dodge them successfully.
  3. Homing Missiles: Beware of the AH12’s targeted homing missiles fired from its sides! To counter this, position yourself as close to the helicopter as possible and be ready to dash toward it when the missiles are launched. This maneuver will cause the missiles to miss you, enabling you to land melee attacks as you close the distance. However, if you’re at a distance, precisely time your Quick Boost to evade the missiles.

Best Strategies to Beat the AH12 HC Helicopter

Now that you know how to dodge its attacks, let’s talk about fighting back. Here are some battle-tested strategies to defeat the AH12 Attack Helicopter in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon:

  1. Get a head start with a quick Pulse Blade attack: When the battle phase begins, ascend into the air and hover as you wait for the AH12 to approach. As it enters the arena, swiftly activate your Assault Boost (Ctrl on the keyboard) to dash in and land two Pulse Blade swings (2x Left Click). This combo will grant you a significant headstart right from the beginning.

  1. Use your surroundings and be patient: Despite its apparent heaviness, the AH12 HC chopper possesses impressive agility, allowing it to swiftly engage and disengage from attack range. And given that your ranged weapons aren’t especially effective in a straight-up long-range conflict, making the most of your surroundings becomes critical. It’s sometimes better to take shelter and utilize your repair kits to replenish your AP rather than rushing at the boss while it’s out of reach!
Using environment to take cover in Armored Core 6

  1. Pulse Blade is your best friend: The AH12 is exceptionally resistant to long-range fire. So, instead of spamming your basic machine gun and rocket attacks at it, focus on getting close enough to execute your melee combos as frequently as possible.
Pulse Blade in Armored Core 6

  1. Focus on keeping the stagger meter up: Your Pulse Blade strikes efficiently fill the boss’s stagger meter (the yellow bar), but it can recover quickly if you let up. Maintain consistent damage with your machine gun and rockets to keep the stagger meter from depleting while your melee attack is on cooldown.
Boss Stagger Meter Armored Core 6

  1. Unload everything you have once it’s staggered: When the stagger meter reaches its maximum, the boss enters a staggered state. This presents the perfect window of opportunity to unleash a flurry of damage. Utilize all your available combos simultaneously to capitalize on this vulnerable state and maximize your damage output!

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That’s all we have on how to beat the AC12 HC Helicopter first boss in FromSoftware’s Armored Core 6. Keep the above tips in mind, and you’ll surely emerge victorious!

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