Best Skeledirge Tera Raid Build in Scarlet and Violet

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Best Skeledirge Tera Raid Build

It’s been a while since Pokémon Scarlet and Violet were released to the Pokemon world by Nintendo and The Pokémon Company. Game Freak developed this multiplayer game, and you can only get this game on Nintendo Switch.

In this role-playing game, get ready to explore the basic mechanics of the predecessor Pokémon games, where you should catch your favorite Pokemon by using several techniques or exchange them and elevate your skills. In both Pokémon Scarlet and Violet, don’t miss out on discovering the final starter. One such final starter is Skeledirage from Fuecoco’s final evolution.

Skeledirage is one of the leading Fire-type Pokémon with plenty of powerful abilities such as firepower, resisting skills, negating damages, continuous buffering ability in battle, and those vast arrays of scenarios. If you want to find the best Tera Raid build for Skeledirge, follow this guide to learn about it.

Best Skeledirge Tera Raid Build in Scarlet and Violet

Skeledirge Tera Raid Build

The best Tera Raid build for Skeledirge comes under four approaches Nature, Tera-type, ability, and moves. Keep reading to understand more about the Tera Raid Build for this fire-type pokemon in Scarlet and Violet.

The Hidden Ability 

In this multiplayer game, a few Pokemon’s Hidden Abilities are potent, and it is pretty tedious to get them. Still, you can get those abilities quickly by using Ability Patch. If you don’t have the Ability Patch, make your way to finishing the 6-star Tera Raid battles.

Once you have got those Ability Patch, it’s time to unlock the Hidden ability of Skeledirge, Unaware, which helps to neglect foe’s position changes when attacking them.

Focus on Nature

Skeledirge has the best moves all scale off their SP Attack in this role-playing game. In that respect, proceed with a Nature which helps to improve the stat, Rash(Sp ATK + / Speed -), Modest ( SP Atk + / ATK -), and Preferentially Mild (SP ATK+ / Defense -).

Tera-Type and Strong Moves

Skeledirge has the Fire Tera-Type so that you can utilize its signature actions. Check out below to know suggestions for various moves.

Torch SongUse the signature move for the main attack
Shadow BallFor the Main Ghost-Type
Fire BlastFor the greater damage
EndureTo boost your survivability

If you want to focus on improving firepower to greater heights, don’t forget to try out the Overheat, Blast Burn at Fire Blast, and Hyper Beam at Endure. Remember that, Skeledirge also has close battle abilities, so play around with those powerful abilities.

Note that SP Defense-focused items will be the best Tera raid build for Skeledirge. For instance, use SP ATK-oriented choices while using the Endure moves. So, this choice will help you improve the Ghost-type using Spell Tag and increase the Fire-type damage by using Charcoal.

Best Raids for Skeledirge

As I said before, Skeledirge can negate damages, so it can go against Normal and Fighting-type Pokémon, which are mentioned below.

  • Bug
  • Fairy
  • Grass
  • Ice
  • Poison
  • Steel

Besides that, Don’t use Skeledirge against Dark-type Pokémon, Ghost, Ground, Rock, or Water.

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