Upcoming Greek Mythology Themed LTE Will Turn Overwatch 2 Heroes Into Gods


Picture of Charging Reinhardt as Minotaur in Battle for Olympus Limited Time Event Overwatch 2

“Art thou prepared, O mortal one?”

Blizzard has released an official event trailer for the ‘Battle for Olympus’ seasonal event for Overwatch 2, which was first hinted at in the Season 2 Trailer. This limited-time event, dubbed ‘Battle for Olympus’ will run January 5 to 19 and will see the likes of seven heroes  Junkerqueen, Reinhardt, Ramattra, Roadhog, Pharah, Widowmaker, and Lucio  transformed into Greek gods with reimagined abilities that “channel the power of gods” in a free-for-all deathmatch game mode.

Here’s what we could figure out about each hero’s new god-like abilities from the trailer above.

  • Junkerqueen as Zeus: ‘Commanding Shout’ ability and ‘Rampage’ ultimate strikes nearby foes with lightning from above.
  • Ramattra as Poseidon: ‘Ravenous Vortex’ ability lifts enemies into the air and deals serious damage.
  • Reinhardt as Minotaur: The ‘Earthshatter’ ultimate buffs the ‘Charge’ ability, which you may use several times without downtime.
  • Roadhog as Polyphemus: This cyclops grows even bigger in size during the ‘Whole Hog’ ultimate and shoots enormous boulders with the Scrap Gun.
  • Pharah as Hades: Can move during her ‘Rocket Barrage’ ultimate, which also heals her for its duration.
  • Widowmaker as Medusa: Can turn enemies into stone by scoping in on them during her ‘Infra-Sight’ ultimate.
  • Lucio as Hermes: Right-click ability, ‘Soundwave’ boops enemies further and can stun them on wall impact.
Seven Overwatch 2 Heroes in their Event Skins for Battle of Olympus Limited Time Event
Overwatch 2 Heroes-turned-Gods Pose for a Powerful Group Photo

This seasonal event also comes with its own set of themed-skins for each of the heroes that are available to purchase in the in-game shop. Notably, three out of these seven skins are included in the Season 2 Battle Pass, while the remaining four – Minotaur Reinhardt, Cyclops Roadhog, Medusa Widowmaker and Hermes Lucio – may be purchased separately.

The game’s Twitter handle has also revealed that they will be actively tracking eliminations from each of the seven heroes throughout the event. The hero leading this scoreboard at the conclusion of the event will have a statue built in their honor in the Greek Control map, Ilios.

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