Can You Play Quidditch in Hogwarts Legacy?

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Broom Flight Showcase in Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy is one of the most anticipated games in 2023, and with the release date only a couple of weeks away, excitement for this magical open-world action RPG is at an all-time high. Because the game is set in J. K. Rowling’s intricately designed magical universe, fans are curious about which of those intricacies will make it into the final game.

While the new Gameplay Showcase film showcased some of Hogwarts Legacy’s various gameplay features and delved into detail regarding elements of open-world traversal, combat, and more, one question still remains: Will Hogwarts Legacy have Quidditch? Fortunately, we have an answer!

Does Hogwarts Legacy Have Quidditch?

Quidditch is an important sport and a big deal for all wizards and witches in the wizarding world, as well as an essential component of storytelling in both the Harry Potter movies and books.

Unfortunately, Hogwarts Legacy does not appear to carry on that legacy, as the developers have now revealed in an FAQ on the official website that the game does not have a playable Quidditch game mode (at launch, at least).

“Quidditch is not playable in Hogwarts Legacy. However, broom flight for traversal and broom race challenges are part of the game. Players can also fly brooms to explore new and familiar locations surrounding Hogwarts Castle.”

– Hogwarts Legacy FAQ Page
Hippogriff Flying Mount World Traversal Option in Hogwarts Legacy

While this may be disappointing news for many fans, it’s not impossible that the developers would decide to introduce a fully playable Quidditch feature to Hogwarts Legacy in a future update or expansion. Nevertheless, flying ‘mounts’ in addition to broom flight will allow players to experience the picturesque beauty surrounding Hogwarts Castle and discover new and familiar regions while soaring rapidly through the sky – and that’s something that could never get old for a Harry Potter fan!

We’re confident that the RPG’s numerous other features will compensate for the inability to play one or two bouts of chasing the Golden Snitch. What do you think?

Hogwarts Legacy is available for pre-order now and is scheduled for release on February 10, 2023, on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC; April 4, 2023, on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One; and July 25, 2023, on Nintendo Switch.

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