Destiny 2: Weapons Leaving in Lightfall


Season of the Seraph IKELOS Weapons in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 boasts a large arsenal of weapons and armor to equip your Guardians with. As with any DLC, this arsenal is set to expand significantly in the future Lightfall expansion. Fans will also have to say goodbye to specific weapons, which will be removed from the loot pool to avoid over-diversification and allow higher chances to acquire newer weapons.

In a blog post yesterday, Bungie revealed which playlist weapons would be removed from Destiny 2’s loot pool in Season 19 while remaining silent on the fate of the existing seasonal weapons. In this Gamer Haul article, we’ll go over every playlist (Nightfall, Iron Banner & Trials of Osiris) weapon that has been confirmed to leave Destiny 2 when Lightfall arrives, as well as seasonal weapons that won’t be acquirable through Vendors anymore.

Playlist Weapons Leaving Destiny 2 in Lightfall

1. Nightfall Weapons

  • Horror’s Least (Pulse Rifle) 
  • D.F.A. (Hand Cannon) 
Horror's Least and D.F.A Nightfall Weapons in Destiny 2

2. Iron Banner Weapons

  • Razor’s Edge (Sword) 
  • Frontier’s Cry (Hand Cannon) 
Razor's Edge and Frontier's Cry Iron Banner Weapons in Destiny 2

3. Trials of Osiris Weapons

  • Burden of Guilt (Fusion Rifle) 
  • Forgiveness (Sidearm) 
Burden of Guilt and Forgiveness Trials of Osiris Weapons in Destiny 2

Seasonal Weapons Leaving Destiny 2 in Lightfall (Unconfirmed)

With the playlist weapons out of the way, here are all the Legendary seasonal weapons in the game that you will no longer be able to craft in Destiny 2 once Lightfall lands. You can acquire these weapons (and their patterns) right now by completing Seasonal Playlist activities and by purchasing them from the Season Vendors at the H.E.L.M. These may, however, be added to the list of random world drops or as random drops in a playlist activity such as Dares of Eternity. We recommend that you start working on acquiring the weapon patterns for your favorites ASAP!

1. Exo Frame Weapons

  • IKELOS Weapons
    • IKELOS_HC_v1.0.3
    • IKELOS_SG_v1.0.3
    • IKELOS_SR_v1.0.3
    • IKELOS_SMG_v1.0.3
  • Season of the Seraph Weapons
    • Fire and Forget
    • Tripwire Canary
    • Disparity
    • Path of Least Resistance
    • Judgment of Kelgorath
    • Retrofit Escapade
Exo Frame Seasonal Vendor in Destiny 2

2. Star Chart Weapons

  • Tarnished Mettle
  • Blood Feud
  • Brigand’s Law
  • No Reprieve
  • Sailspy Pitchglass
  • Planck’s Stride
Star Chart Seasonal Vendor in Destiny 2

3. Crown of Sorrow Weapons

  • Opulent Weapons
    • Austringer
    • Drang (Baroque)
    • Beloved
    • Calus Mini-Tool
  • Haunted Weapons
    • Hollow Denial
    • Bump In the Night
    • Tears of Contrition
    • Nezarec’s Whisper
    • Firefright
    • Without Remorse
Crown of Sorrow Seasonal Vendor in Destiny 2

4. War Table Weapons

  • Explosive Personality
  • Recurrent Impact
  • Under Your Skin
  • Sweet Sorrow
  • Thoughtless
  • Piece of Mind
War Table Seasonal Vendor in Destiny 2

And with that, we’ve reached the conclusion of the list of all confirmed weapons, as well as several that are likely to leave Destiny 2 with the release of the upcoming Lightfall expansion. Follow Gamer Haul for the latest gaming news, updates, guides, and more!

Destiny 2: Lightfall releases on February 28 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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