Diablo 4 Open Beta Shatters Records with 61 Million+ Hours Played


Picture of Lilith the demon villain of diablo 4

Blizzard Entertainment has officially released the numbers from the Diablo 4 Open Beta, which took place over the weekend, and it’s no surprise that the stats are mind-blowing. Blizzard has revealed that the Diablo 4 Open Beta was the “largest” beta in franchise history, with over 61 million hours played worldwide.

Players from all over the world participated in the beta, and two classes stood out as the most popular – the Sorcerer and the Necromancer. Together, these two classes accounted for the majority of the player base.

  • Ashava the Pestilent World Boss in Diablo
  • The Butcher boss from diablo 4

During the course of the beta, players managed to slay nearly 30 billion monsters, which is an astonishing number. The Butcher, a classic Diablo villain, was defeated over half a million times, making it one of the most popular enemies in the game.

One of the highlights of the beta was the appearance of the gigantic demon World Boss, Ashava. While players managed to defeat this boss over a hundred thousand times, she also accounted for approximately 20% (10M) of the total player deaths (47M!). If you’re wondering, this means that Ashava had a K/D ratio of 100! The numbers also show how demanding this boss was, and players must be on their toes when they encounter her in the full game.

While these are just a few statistics from the Diablo 4 Open Beta, the numbers are staggering. The game is shaping up to be one of the year’s biggest and most anticipated releases. As the Diablo Twitter page says, “This is just the beginning.”

“Solo Ashava Kills: Almost 1?”

For those eagerly awaiting the release of Diablo 4, the wait is nearly over. The game is set to release on June 6, 2023, with up to four days of early access for those who pre-purchase. Fans can look forward to experiencing the full game, with its rich lore, new features, and revamped gameplay.

Overall, the Diablo 4 Open Beta has been an enormous success, and the numbers prove it. Blizzard Entertainment has outdone itself with this beta, and fans can’t wait to see what the full game has in store. The hype is real, and we’re all excited to see what’s next for this beloved franchise!

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