Starfield: Should You Give Sahar’s Will to Frank Langston or Mayor Cartwright?


Mayor Cartwright vs Frank Langston in Last Will and Testament Mission of Starfield

Frank Langston vs. Mayor Choice – In the “Last Will and Testament Mission” in Starfield, you find yourself entrusted with a task by Akila City’s Mayor, Elias Cartwright. He requests that you obtain Sahar Hasanov’s will, as he intends to honor Sahar’s wishes. If the will happens to result in the removal of the wealthy and rather unpleasant character, Frank Langston, from the Hasanov Manor and the city, Mayor Cartwright believes it would be a win-win for everyone.

As it turns out, Sahar was not the last of the Hasanovs, and her will mentions an illegitimate heir who should rightfully occupy the Hasanov Manor instead of the affluent Langston. Should you stay loyal to the Mayor and hand over the will, or should you play both sides and tip Frank off?

Starfield Last Will and Testament: Choices & Outcomes

Last Will and Testament Mission in Starfield

To aid you in making the right decision for your Starfield character, here are the options and their consequences in the “Last Will and Testament” mission:

Option #1: Give the Will to Mayor Elias Cartwright

Giving Mayor Cartwright Sahar's Will in Last Will and Testament Mission of Starfield

Delivering the will to Mayor Cartwright is, of course, the most morally upright course of action! The Mayor’s motives are driven by a desire to do right by the Hasanovs and acknowledge their contribution to Akila City’s foundation. He expresses his gratitude for your help in setting things right and promptly takes action to remove Mr. Langston from the Core.

However, as is often the case, doing the right thing may not be the most financially rewarding choice. The Mayor rewards you with 5500 Credits for your efforts in acquiring the will for him.

Option #2: Give the Will to Frank Langston

Giving Frank Langston Sahar's Will in Last Will and Testament Mission of Starfield

If your Starfield character’s moral compass tends to lean towards shades of gray, the mission offers a second, optional objective once you secure the will from Sahar’s Farm: pay a visit to Frank Langston and explore the possibility of striking a lucrative deal. This option is VERY attractive because it pays a lot more money, about three times as much as the moral choice.

Since Frank wants to keep the manor he bought, he’ll be happy to learn that you have the will which could potentially lead to his eviction from the Core. Frank offers you a generous sum of 10,000 Credits in exchange for the will. If you accept the deal, you can deliver the will to him and then return to Mayor Cartwright, lying that you found no trace of a will at Sahar’s farm. This way, you secure an additional 5,500 Credits from the Mayor!

So, by tricking the Mayor and making a deal with Frank Langston behind his back, you can walk away from this mission with a lot of money, 15,500 Credits in total. This is the way to go if your Starfield character couldn’t care less about morals!

Lying to Mayor About Not Finding a Will at Sahar's Farm

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That’s everything you need to know about whether you should give the will to Frank Langston or Mayor Cartwright in the “Last Will And Testament” mission of Starfield!

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