Starfield: Should You Make a Deal with the Trade Authority or the Mayor in Rough Landings?


Helen Dialogue Options in Starfield's Rough Landings Mission

Trade Authority vs. Mayor Choice Milena – In the Rough Landings mission in Starfield, you come across the struggling Jensen family in Akila City. They are going through tough times, and Marko, the father, feels helpless because he can’t provide for his wife and daughter. Marko confides in you and reveals that there is a family member, Milena Axelrod, who might be their only hope.

Milena is a smuggler who has conflicts with Elias Cartwright, the very mayor of Akila City and has also dealt with the Trade Authority in the past. Milena is willing to help her family, but it’s up to you to resolve her issues with Akila City. So, who should you make a deal with, the Mayor or the Trade Authority, to ensure a smoother comeback for Milena?

Starfield Rough Landings: Choices & Outcomes

Marko Jensen in Rough Landings mission of Starfield

To help you make the right decision for your Starfield character, here are the options and their consequences in the “Rough Landings” mission:

Option #1: Get Milena Access from the Trade Authority (Tom Starrett)

Dialogue Options with Tom Starrett from Trade Authority in Rough Landings mission of Starfield

Tom, The Trade Authority’s fixer, is the first person Milena suggests you approach to help her return to Akila City and continue her business. Fortunately, Tom is cooperative and agrees to assist Milena’s comeback without any persuasion. He mentions that the Trade Authority is always willing to facilitate business. For a fee of 1000 Credits, he can provide Milena with fake credentials to reenter Akila City discreetly.

It’s important to note that there’s no room for negotiation or persuasion to lower the price with Tom. For 1,000 Credits, Tom will handle the arrangements, and Milena will receive a fake ID to reunite with her family and offer her assistance.

Option #2: Get Milena Access from Mayor Cartwright

Dialogue Options with Mayor Elias Cartwright in Rough Landings mission of Starfield

Mayor Cartwright, on the other hand, holds a deep grudge against Milena Axelrod and is not pleased when you mention her name. Milena even punched him once! Consequently, the Mayor is not inclined to welcome her back to the city but does offer a few choices:

  • Pay 5000 Credits: If you’re willing to pay off Milena’s bounty, Mayor Cartwright will grudgingly agree to let her return. However, he emphasizes that they will keep a close watch on her activities. This option costs five times more than the Trade Authority’s offer but ensures an official and legal return for Milena.
  • Persuade: You can attempt to change the Mayor’s mind through a Persuasion mini-game. It’s a challenging 8-slot persuasion check that gives you 3 turns to complete. Be sure to quicksave before making any attempts!
  • Ranger’s Vouch: If you’re a member of the Freestar Collective, you have access to a unique dialogue option. You can offer to vouch for Milena as a Ranger, and Mayor Cartwright will reluctantly agree.

Regardless of the path you choose in this mission, Milena will reach out to Marko, offering him a job as her “official importer.” Marko is overjoyed and grateful to you, finally seeing a glimmer of hope in his family’s difficult circumstances!

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That’s everything you need to know about whether you should get Milena access to Akila City by making a deal with Mayor Cartwright or the Trade Authority in Starfield: Rough Landings!

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