Starfield: Should You Accept Maldonaldo’s Offer in Missed the Mark?


Accept or Reject Maldonaldo Deal – In the “Missed the Mark” mission in Starfield, you’re assigned the task of locating a missing courier for Reliant Medical. However, your investigation takes a sinister turn when you discover the courier dead at a desk covered in blood.

Helena Strickland then directs you to find a missing employee named Bonifac, whom she suspects of having the crucial but missing data. But in reality, Bonifac is merely a pawn in the plan of the notorious data broker, Stephen Maldonaldo. Maldonaldo, a shrewd businessman, hints that Strickland is a stingy woman and offers you a larger upfront payment to allow him to keep both the data and Bonifac. So, should you accept his offer?

Starfield Missed the Mark: Choices & Outcomes

Bonifac Maksimov in Starfield Missed the Mark

To assist you in making the right decision for your Starfield character, here are the options and their consequences in the “Missed the Mark” mission:

Option #1: Accept Maldonaldo’s Offer

Accepting Maldonaldo's Deal in Missed the Mark Mission in Starfield

If you choose to accept Maldonaldo’s offer and betray Strickland, select the “You’ve got a deal. Bonifac’s all yours. Now hand over my money.” dialogue option:

  • Maldonaldo pays you 4,000 Credits and expresses his satisfaction with your reasonable decision.
  • However, a sudden gunfight erupts as Bonifac pulls a weapon on both of you. This confrontation is short-lived, though, as Maldonaldo swiftly eliminates Bonifac.
  • Upon returning to Helena, your dialogue options all involve [Lying] about your recent encounter.
  • She mentions that she will contact Bonifac’s next of kin and pays you 1,300 Credits for your “troubles.”

Essentially, by accepting Maldonaldo’s offer, you earn an extra 1,600 Credits but at the cost of an innocent junior executive’s life. Moreover, if you have a companion, they will disapprove of your choice, and you may compromise your moral principles. Overall, the trade-off may not be worth it.

Eliminated Bonifac Maksimov as consequence of accepting maldonaldo's offer in starfield

Option #2: Refuse Maldonaldo’s Offer

Helena Strickland at the end of Missed the Mark mission in Starfield

If you decline Maldonaldo’s offer, he immediately draws a weapon on you and Bonifac:

  • Overcoming this arrogant man in a 2v1 confrontation shouldn’t be too difficult, and you can retrieve what you need from his lifeless body afterward.
  • When you return to Helena Strickland with the retrieved data, she expresses her satisfaction with your successful completion of the mission with minimal issues.
  • She rewards you with 3,700 Credits, which is only 1,600 Credits less than the alternative option.
Reject Maldonaldo's Offer in Starfield: Missed the Mark Mission

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Ultimately, the choice in this mission depends on your Starfield character’s values and principles! You can either accept Maldonaldo’s offer for a quick payout, with significant moral and ethical implications or refuse and confront the situation head-on, potentially leading to a more satisfying outcome both financially and morally.

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