Starfield: Reboot or Cleanse the Crucible in Operation Starseed?


Starfield: Operation Starseed Choices Outcomes

Operation Starseed Outcomes – In the “Operation Starseed” mission in Starfield, you are faced with a critical decision regarding the fate of the Crucible, a society of clones featuring famous historical figures such as Ada Lovelace, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Amanirenas, and Genghis Khan. The responsibility falls upon you to determine the future of the Crucible and its inhabitants. Should you choose to reboot the system or initiate a full project cleanse?

Starfield Operation Starseed: Choices & Outcomes

To help you make the right decision for your Starfield character, here are your available options and their consequences in the “Operation Starseed” mission:

Option #1: Reboot and Restore Current Mission Parameters

Reboot and Restore Current Mission Parameters Option in the Operation Starseed Mission of Starfield

If you opt for the first choice to reboot and maintain the current status quo in the Crucible:

  • The existing leadership situation in The Crucible remains unchanged.
  • The clones will continue to be trapped within the Crucible, and the mission’s outcome remains largely unaffected.
  • Your reward for selecting this option is 3,000 Credits.

This choice is the safest route, preserving the current state and avoiding any potential disruptions. However, it might come across as the most boring choice out of the three, as it keeps things as they are without exploring new possibilities!

Option #2: Reboot and Choose a New Super-Admin

Reboot and Choose a New Super-Admin Option in the Operation Starseed Mission of Starfield

If you opt for the second option to reboot and select a new leader:

  • You will have the opportunity to choose a new leader from among historical figures like Franklin D. Roosevelt, Amenirenas, or Genghis Khan.

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  • Each potential leader has unique characteristics, principles, and leadership styles that will influence the Crucible’s future.
  • This choice offers the highest reward, granting you 6000 Credits.

After making your choice, return to the Crucible to engage in one last conversation with your selected leader (and the unchosen candidates, if you wish!).

Option #3: Initiate Full Project Cleanse

Outcome of Full Project Cleanse of The Crucible in Starfield

The third option involves initiating a full project cleanse, resulting in the termination of all clones within the Crucible. This choice is what you’d call a “bad ending” for this unique side quest, as it involves adding the names of several historical figures to your Starfield character’s kill count!

This option offers a modest reward of 2,000 Credits. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to loot the bodies of the terminated clones scattered throughout The Crucible. This scavenging allows you to unlock unique outfits that are otherwise unobtainable through any other means – so that’s that!

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Ultimately, your choice in the “Operation Starseed” mission depends on your Starfield character’s values and principles. You can opt to maintain the current state, explore new leadership possibilities, or take drastic action by initiating a project cleanse. Each option carries its own set of consequences and implications for The Crucible and its inhabitants – so choose wisely!

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