Helldivers 2: How to Beat Hulks

Helldivers 2

Helldivers 2 screenshot featuring a Scorcher Hulk using its deadly Flamethrower weapon to engulf the player in flames.

The Hulk, although not the largest unit in the Automation faction’s arsenal, is unquestionably the most menacing mechanical foe you’ll encounter in Helldivers 2. With its formidable armor and heavy firepower, each of the three Hulk variants poses a significant threat that can decimate your team if not dealt with swiftly. To ensure your continued success in spreading democracy, let’s explore the most effective strategies for taking down Hulks and their variants in Helldivers 2!

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Best Ways to Defeat Hulks in Helldivers II

Weak Spot of a Hulk enemy marked in Helldivers 2 screenshot.

Hulks start appearing in Challenging and higher-difficulty missions and should always be treated as top-priority targets. Once defeated, they explode with a significantly large blast radius, so make sure to maintain a safe distance afterward!

The most effective method to take down a Hulk, regardless of its variant, is using the Railgun – which is, surprisingly, the straightforward solution to most problems in this game! Two to three Railgun shots to the body, or a single shot to the face, is usually all it takes to bring down a Hulk. Other effective armor-penetrating Stratagems include the Orbital Precision Strike or the Orbital Railcannon Strike.

If you’re still leveling up and lack access to the mighty Railgun, flanking the charging Hulk and focusing fire on its glowing heatsink at the back is your best bet. A few well-placed rounds from a primary weapon like the Breaker shotgun or a couple of grenades aimed at the heatsink can quickly and effectively neutralize this alarming threat.

All Hulk Variants in Helldivers 2

A Hulk Obliterator shooting a barrage of rockets at the player in Helldivers 2.

Hulks in Helldivers II come in three distinct variants, each armed with different weapons and posing varying levels of threat:

  • The Hulk Bruiser, wielding dual assault rifles, is the least menacing of the three.
  • The Hulk Scorcher, living up to its name, wields a high-damage Flamethrower that can swiftly end your mission if you’re caught within its range.
  • Lastly, the Hulk Obliterator rains down a relentless barrage of rockets at your team, making it one of the most fearsome units in HD2. Even the larger Automaton units, like the Automaton Tanks, pale in comparison to the devastation unleashed by this variant. Prioritize eliminating the Hulk Liberator above all other bots on the field!

That’s all you need to know to tackle Hulks at any level in Helldivers 2. Share your experiences and strategies in the comments, and stay tuned to Gamer Haul for more expert tips and tricks.

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