Honkai Star Rail: How to Open the Triple Authentication Door

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While exploring Honkai: Star Rail’s ‘Herta Space Station,’ you’ll encounter a locked door requiring a ‘Triple Authentication Verification Card‘ to open. If you need help finding the access cards needed to unlock this door, don’t worry – this Gamer Haul guide has got you covered! Here is everything you need to know and do to open the Triple Authentication Door in H:SR.

How to Find All Three Access Authentication Cards in Honkai Star Rail

In order to get the Triple Authentication Card, you must first find all three Authentication Cards at the Herta Space Station: the Blank Access Authentication Card, Corporate Access Authentication Card, and Thousand Stars Access Authentication Card. You must combine these three authentication cards to obtain the Triple Authentication Card. Here’s how and where to find each of the authentication cards:

1st Access Authentication Card Location

Honkai: Star Rail Map Showing the Location of the Blaze out of Space enemy in the Road to Revival Side quest

  1. Head to the Master Control Zone and interact with Arlan to trigger the ‘Road to Revival‘ side quest.
  2. Complete the quest by defeating the Blaze Out of Space enemy.
  3. Once you’ve completed the quest, you will receive the Blank Access Authentication Card.

2nd Access Authentication Card Location

The Afro NPC in honkai star rail

  1. Return to the Master Control Zone and find the ‘Afro’ NPC.
  2. Interact with him at least five times until he gives you the Corporate Access Authentication Card.

3rd Access Authentication Card Location

A control device object in honkai star rail

  1. Head to the teleport waypoint ‘Outside the Control Center‘ and make your way to the Storage Zone.
  2. Interact with the door on your left and enter the room.
  3. Go down the ramp to the left and defeat the Void Ranger.
  4. Interact with the control device to create a blue bridge.
  5. Defeat more Void Rangers and create a gray bridge above you.
  6. Interact with the controller behind the crates to turn the bridge orange.
  7. Cross the gray bridge and interact with the control device to switch the bridge to blue.
  8. Cross the blue bridge and climb the ramp to find the Thousand Stars Access Authentication Card.

How to Unlock the Triple Authentication Door in Honkai Star Rail

Prompt to unlock the triple authentication door in honkai star rail

Once you have collected all three access cards, you will receive a notification from the Herta Panopticon System. All you need to do now is head back to the Triple Authentication Door, interact with it and combine the three access cards to unlock it!

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That’s everything you need to know on how to find and combine all the Authentication Cards to obtain the Triple Authentication Card and unlock the related door in Honkai: Star Rail!

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