How to Easily Farm Argon in Starfield


How to Farm Argon Gas Resource in Starfield

Best Argon Farm Starfield – Argon is a valuable gas resource in Starfield, essential for research, crafting weapon mods, and building specific outpost structures. However, gathering and storing this hazardous vapor can be tricky if you lack the proper knowledge and tools. This guide will simplify the process and show you the best ways to farm Argon (Ar) in Starfield.

How to Get Argon (Ar) in Starfield

There are mainly three ways to collect Argon efficiently:

1. Collecting Argon from Vents

An Argon Vent in Starfield Screenshot

One way to harvest Argon is by manually collecting it from vents scattered across different planets. To do this safely, make sure you wear a sturdy spacesuit like the Mark 1. Here’s how to collect Argon:

  • Use your hand scanner to locate Argon deposits.
  • When you find an Argon vent, you’ll see a “Harvest” button appear nearby.
  • Approach the vent and click “Harvest.”
  • Be cautious! Argon is toxic and causes lung damage. Don’t linger near the vents; move away once you’ve collected what you need.

2. Building an Argon Extractor Over a Vein

Argon Extractor For Automatic Argon Farming in Starfield

For a more relaxed approach, you can automate Argon collection by building an Argon Extractor over a vein. These veins are usually close to gas vents and appear as blue circles on your map when in build mode. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Locate a vein on your map.
  • Build an Argon Extractor over the vein.
  • The Extractor will automatically mine Argon and store it for you to retrieve later.

3. Purchasing Argon from Vendors

Argon Pack Bought from Starfield Vendor Screenshot

If you prefer a hassle-free method and don’t mind spending credits, you can buy Argon directly from vendors in major cities. Argon is a common and affordable resource, with packs costing as little as 5 Credits. Here are some vendor locations:

  • New Atlantis on Jemison: Visit Jemison Mercantile.
  • Cydonia on Mars: Look for Denis Averin.

#ProTip: If you purchase all of a merchant’s Argon stock, you can wait for 24 in-game hours, and their stock will refresh. This trick allows you to buy Argon in bulk if needed.

Best Planets for Argon Farming in Starfield

Nesoi map for argon farming in Starfield

With over 1,000 planets in Starfield, finding the right ones for Argon farming can be overwhelming. Here are the top five planets where you’re most likely to discover Argon veins regularly:

  1. Alpha Centauri – Jamison, Chawla
  2. Sol – Enceladus, Umbriel
  3. Olympus – Nesoi
  4. Altair – Altair II
  5. Narion – Kreet, Vectera

To transfer Argon to other outposts, place an Argon Extractor on one of these planets and create Cargo Links to move resources. Alternatively, build a Gas Storage near the Extractor to allow for more Argon harvesting without interruptions.

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